Thursday, June 28, 2007

Catholic News-Thursday, June 28, 2007 A.D.

CVSTOS FIDEI EVENING EDITION Chris Matthews Criticizes Catholic Church - M. Finklestein, MRC Candidates Faith To Play Major Role In '08 - N. O'Brien, Tidings 35% Of GOP Voters Would Only Vote Pro-Life - S. Ertelt, LifeNews US Catholic Magazine Fallout - Oskar Garcia, London Guardian USCCB Slams US Catholic Magazine - staff, KETV7 (Omaha) CVSTOS FIDEI AFTERNOON EDITION Vatican Confirms Motu Proprio Story - Shawn Tribe, NLM Excellent Motu Proprio Analysis - L. Goodstein/I. Fisher, NY Times Official Motu Proprio English Translation - Shawn Tribe, NLM ..Build Your Own Motu Proprio Story By Jeff Miller Here. Roman Curia: The Reform That Isn't There - S. Magister, Chiesa God In China: Beijing Faces A Faith Explosion - staff, ZENIT Pope John Paul II Miracle Of Kubica? - staff, EUX.TV Belgian Bishop Charged With Homophobia - E. O'Brien, LifeSite Anti-Catholic Bigotry In Buffalo - B. Donohue, Catholic League Iraq Christians Hit Hard - staff, ZENIT Pushing Assisted Suicide On Demand - W. Smith, 2ndhand Smoke Amnesty's Fall - editors, National Catholic Register NY Times Attacks Anti-PC Documentary - Clay Waters, Newsbusters ..Movie Director Responds To The NY Times Here. EU Blackmails Nicaragua To Legalize Abortion - staff, CNA On Nature & Purpose Of Public Education - Christina, Confessions Vatican Pledges To Back Moderate Muslims - Associated Press ..Curt Jester Responds Here. Richardson Will Use Pro-Abortion Litmus - S. Ertelt, LifeNews ..Retraction To Secularist Europe Silences Pro-Lifer Here. ...CF Blog Entries: Prayer Request by Tito Shameless Blog Plug Of The Day: A Catholic Mom In Hawaii by Esther Book Review: Guerrilla Apologetics for Catholics by Paul E. Nowak Reviewed by Tito, Recapturing Our Catholic Patrimony (RCP) Odd News Item Of The Day: Rubber Duckies Reach Britain Via Arctic Ocean by Simon de Bruxelles, Times Of London Last Six Catholic News Postings: For June 27 click here. For June 26 click here. For June 25 click here. For June 24 click here. For June 23 click here. For June 22 click here. (Hat Tips: Catholic Report & Mercatornet)


EC Gefroh said...

Thanks Tito. I consider it quite an honor.

Anonymous said...

So Chris Matthews doesn't think that politicians who are Catholic should be expected to... be Catholic?

The liberals have truly indoctrinated our society.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately like many liberals, Chris Matthews fails to understand what his Catholic faith means and that we must live it each and every day, not just on Christmas, Easter, and whenever it suits our needs.

He isn't that bright when it comes to logic and reason.

Matthew said...

Since you are from Texas, I thought you might be able to help here:

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