Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Judicial Activists? - Catholic Exchange

What are Ted Kennedy and Patrick Leahy up to? Even their most fervent supporters and devoted staff members would not make the case that the two senators are deep thinkers on the issues of the day. I suspect that their backers would praise them more for being energetic workers with solidly Left-leaning staffs, as men who know how to work the system in Washington, as effective mouthpieces for “progressive” causes. Click here for the rest of the article.


Tito said...

Some insight on certain Catholics.

Craig D. said...

Not to be disrpectful of CJ Renquist, who served his Country well, but you know it has to be asked sooner of later: Do you think we'll end up with a Catholic (and Hispanic) Chief Justice? If so, who is your frontrunner?

Tito said...

I guess you know the answer already. I hope it's Judge Roberts. I would have preferred him over Alberto Gonzalez. Mr. Gonzalez is an unknown as far as his political leanings. I don't want to have another David Souter on our hands in this country.

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