Wednesday, February 14, 2007

MSM Double Standard on Christianity

(it takes about 10 seconds for the video to begin, I'm still looking for a better video, if you know where I could get it please post a comment as to where it is, thanks!)

Why is it ok for the media, such as John Whiteside at Blue Bayou on the website, to post and say hateful and bigoted remarks about Christianity, but when it's anti-Semitic or racist a huge firestorm erupts.

Please explain this to me. The Mainstream Media (MSM) has a double standard that it's ok to say hateful and bigoted remarks about Christianity, but it's off limits for everything else. This has to be addressed so as to reveal the hostility that people like Katie Couric, Rosie O'Donnel, Barbara Walters, and the rest of the MSM talking heads are bigots.

For the original from Hot Air click here.

For the previous posting on this topic click here.

To read why John Whiteside contributes to anti-Christianit bigotry click here.

The New York Times tries to defend these bigoted bloggers, for the story click here.

Brent Bozell of NewsBusters chimes in here.

The second anti-Christian bigot on Democrat John Edwards presidential campaign quits, for the story click here.

For some background on the two anti-Christian bloggers on John Edwards presidential campaign see below.



I have some qualms with O'Reilly but thank God he took this Jane girl to task. She even has the audacity to claim she is a Catholic yet then she supports the terrible things those bloggers would say about the Virgin Mary. It is downright tragic to see a young "Catholic" lady who will not say one word to defend the Blessed Mother.

On a happier note...

I noticed your poll regarding giving your blog a new look, this is a wonderful idea...a nice picture on top, check out the formats of these blogs for inspiration...

Personaly I lean to middle-ages style art, especailly stuff with King Saint Louis.

Anyway I know you are a busy guy, do as you will, but the trifecta of going for a new blog design, the starting date of lent, and the annoucment of a new addition to the Cvstos Fidei writing staff specailizing in historical themed postings (hint hint) might make for a good trifectia!

Lemme know wht u think sir!

Tito said...


I think it's a great idea. I'm into older art as well. As soon as I figure out how to change my blog format I will!

Beginning of Lent sounds about right for the 'new look' CVSTOS FIDEI!


Ben said...

Yo Tito,

The Marcotte issue is dead, we all know why it's ok to bash Christians: because they hate us. Oh well. I won't let those types steal my joy. Let them hate us. It's like the Da Vinci Code controversy: I've never had so many great evangelization opportunities as when that movie was out. I kinda miss it.

Now, about Wordpress: I think Wordpress definitely looks nicer than Blogspot. I opened a Wordpress blog, though I don't often post on it. One thing about Wordpress, though, is that it's not half as customizable as Blogspot.

You should definitely grab custosfidei on Wordpress and give it a try, it's free, afterall!


skeetor said...

You asked a question "Why is it ok for the media...etc," I think I have a good answer. Its the same reason we christians (as a majority) keep electing horrible candidates to office. We refuse to stand up for ourselves and do what should be done. In this case complain "en masse" and as loudly as we can. Complacency is running rampant.

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