Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Blog Roundup For September 2007 A.D.

I've always enjoyed reading the news. And when it comes to the Catholic blogosphere, I am a newshound par excellence! Catholic Report and Pro Ecclesia*Pro Familia*Pro Civitate, by Dave Hartline and Jay Anderson respectively are some of my favorites. Gerald over at his The Cafeteria Is Closed offers a great mix bag of newsy stuff. Recently I've discovered some gems for Catholic news and that is the California Catholic Daily and PewSitter.com. CalCatholic has two or three articles each day that are sometimes Calcentric, but with national implications in the Catholic world. PewSitter.com is like the Drudge Report OFF of steroids. Lot's of soft news but with an appealing presentation. Yes, they aren't exactly blogs, but a gratuitous plug on my part for an alternative to your source of Catholic news. The usual suspects of The Curt Jester and Recapturing Our Catholic Patrimony are some of my favorites when it comes to levity and gravitas respectively. I need to say though that Father John Zuhlsdorf (a.k.a. Fr. Z) has an excellent blog over at What Does The Prayer Really Say (a.k.a. WDTPRS) on the nuts and bolts of Catholicism. He is like a top tier surgeon when weeding through bishopric statements and papal pronouncements. Its "roll-up-your-sleeves" Catholicism where no stone is left unturned. And the unbearded Paul over at Thoughts of a Regular Guy is always entertaining, yet informative. To balance out all that "aw-shucks" reading I delve into The Lair Of The Catholic Cavemen to get much needed "aw-the-USCCB-can-take-a-liturgical-leap-into-oblivion" dose of pre-conciliar relief! To top it all off I like to peruse Father Phillip N. Powell, OP's blog, Domine, da mihi hanc aquam! for some winding down time. I must say that Kathy Shaidle over at + + Relapsed Catholic + + has been going through some trying times up in Toronto and her ornery self is beginning to be a bit to profane for me to read anymore. I hope she gets out of that unCatholic cycle of hers. For my last Catholic blogosphere review click here.


Hey, thanks for the kind words!

You have a fine blog here, yourself!

Tito said...


You're always welcomed!

And thank you for your kind comments as well!

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I second what Paul said!!!!

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