Wednesday, December 5, 2007

USCCB Give 'Thumbs Up' To 'Golden Compass'

That's what the Kansas City Star newspaper is saying about the USCCB in its review of the anti-God film The Golden Compass. In nice BIG bold LETTERS. The Kansas City Star states that the "Catholic bishops" gave a "rave" review to movie The Golden Compass. They've also quoted the two USCCB movie critics: 'Harry Forbes and John Mulderig call the movie "lavish, well-acted and fast-paced."' It may be time for the USCCB to review their hiring policy, have a performance review on Harry Forbes and John Mulderig, and take immediate action to resolve this embarrassment because these two "Catholics" are doing a lousy job reviewing films. And that's being charitable. To view the actual link click here.


Soutenus said...

Here, here! Very well said!
I am sad & disappointed that many will go to the movie due to this review.

Laurie said...

So somebody didn't read the book.

Anonymous said...

incredible, is this for real???

Tito said...


Yes, a few days later the USCCB withdrew the review from their website.

But offered no explanation.

I contacted the Office of the Film at the USCCB and asked to speak to Mr. Forbes, he wasn't in, so I left a message for him to call me back.

He hasn't returned my phone call.

Thus far the USCCB hasn't explained why they withdrew the review from their website.

Nor have they done any disciplinary action whatsoever to Harry Forbes and his associate.

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