Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Catholic News-Tuesday, December 30, 2008 A.D.

CVSTOS FIDEI TUESDAY EDITION Evening Update I'll Take Her On A Test Drive - Ryan Harkins, American Catholic A Failed Generation - Craig Ladwig, Veritas Rex Contraception and Conversion - David Mills, Inside Catholic Rosary Resurgence - Tom McFeely, National Catholic Register New York Times Loves Religion - Patrick Archbold, Creative Minority Report Public Schools Change Young Evangelicals' Values - Phyllis Schlafly, Human Events Pro-Life A.G. Denied Communion Over Abortion Bill - Gerard McManus, Herald Sun New Orlean's St. Patrick's Church - Jeffrey Tucker, New Liturgical Movement Condom Nation - Editorial, Investor's Business Daily Bonus Analysis, Opinion, and News: Polygamist Sue To Redefine "Couple" - Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report Thoughts On Israel's War With Hamas - Christopher Blosser, American Catholic Born At Just 23 Weeks, The Baby Who Defied Abortion Laws - London Daily Mail Pontifical Mass & Conference In Hong Kong - Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Mvmnt Papa Bene Slaps Down Fr. Richard McBrien - Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS? Lila Rose Chosen As 2008 Person Of The Year - Operation Rescue Ave Maria Mutual Funds Responds to New York Times’ Criticism - Business Wire Why Socialized Medicine Doesn't Work - Lynsey Haywood, The Sun (U.K.) New Jersey Rules Against Church Group in Gay 'Rights' Case - Geoff Mulvihill, AP Notable Analysis, Opinion, and News: Russian Professor Predicts Breakup of U.S. in 2010 - DarwinCatholic, Amrcn Cthlc Is There a Natural Right to Same-Sex Marriage? - Fr. Juan Valez, MercatorNet Journalists Just Don’t Get It - Tom McFeely, National Catholic Register Overcoming Secularism - Fr. Alfonso Aguilar, National Catholic Register Secular Analysis, Opinion, and News: A Caliphate “from the Red Sea to the Caspian”? - Kathy Shaidle, FrontPageMag Obama Fiddles While Gaza Burns - Robert Dreyfuss, The Nation Liberals Call An End To Current Dutch Notion Of Tolerance - John Vinocur, IHT (Biretta Tips: PewSitter.com, ProLifeBlogs.com, Real Clear Religion, Holy Innocents, and Lucianne)


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