Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Catholic News-Tuesday, April 21, 2009 A.D.

CVSTOS FIDEI TUESDAY EDITION Evening Update Vatican To Move To Portugal If Nazis Captured Pope - Squires/Caldwell, Telegraph Google’s Top 25 Catholic Websites - Tito Edwards, American Catholic "Fr. Jenkins Will Probably Lose His Job" - Kathleen Gilbert, LifeSiteNews A New Front in the Church’s Civil War - George Neumayr, Catholic World Report Priest of Andersonville - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic A.N. Wilson Returns To Catholicism - Carl Olson, Scoop EconTalk - DarwinCatholic, American Catholic All Information Highways Lead To Rome - Diane Kramer, Envoy Nineveh Plain: A Ghetto For Iraqi Christians Is An Illusion - Louis Sako, AsiaNews Dawn Johnsen - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic Banished Priest Now Full-time ‘Gay Rights Activist’ - California Catholic Daily For The Greater Glory To Undergo A Content Shift - Michael R. Denton, FTGG Last Weeks Update: Lesser Of Two Evils Or Worthy Of Honor - DarwinCatholic, American Catholic Standing Ovation At Mention Of Unborn For NY Abp. During Mass - K. Gilbert, LSN “... your formerly Catholic University.” - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic News Flash: Archbishop Dolan Is Catholic - Amy Welborn, Via Media God And State - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic The Rejected Ambassadors: The Plot Thickens - John Henry, American Catholic On The Question of Inequality - DarwinCatholic, American Catholic Tea Parties, Principles And Their Application - Chris Burgwald, American Catholic Deal Hudson On Israel & Palestinian Christians, Revisited - Christopher Blosser, AC The Old-School Date - Tim Shipe, American Catholic Worthless Political Hack Squaks Again - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic Catholic Democrats Come To The Defense Of Notre Dame - Donald R. McClarey, AC Bonus Commentary and Analysis: Moral Simpletons - Joe Hargrave, American Catholic Long-time Priest Fights Retirement - Bob Braun, Newark Star-Ledger Where’s Jesus? - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic Jenkins To Pro-Life Students: No dialogue For You! - Donald R. McClarey, AC Krugman’s Foundation - DarwinCatholic, American Catholic Bush, Orthodoxy, & Damon Linker - John Henry, American Catholic “And Our First 15 Callers Get A Bonus Plenary Indulgence!” - D.R. McClarey, AC Spirit of ‘09 - Part II - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic The Ten Worst Supreme Court Decisions of All Time - Donald R. McClarey, AC Notable Commentary and Analysis: The Immigration Debate - Joe Hargrave, American Catholic Open Season On Benedict - Michael Coren, National Post Fantasy Fundamentalism - DarwinCatholic, American Catholic Notre Dame Professor Calls For Fr. Jenkins To Resign - Tito Edwards, Amrcn Cthlc Atheism As Fashion Statement - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic Obama's Speech On The Economy - Eric Brown, American Catholic Freedom Vs. Choice - DarwinCatholic, American Catholic Heee's Back! - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic Bonus News: Two Coptic Christians Killed On The Eve Of Orthodox Pascha - AsiaNews Fun Stuff: Deadly Greenbacks! - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic Secular News: Pastner's Coaching Dream Began At A Young Age - Scott Cacciola, Cmmrcl Appl Next Choler, Please - Dana Milbank, The Washington Post (Biretta Tips: Donald R. McClarey and Patrick Madrid)


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