Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Catholic News - Wednesday, July 22, 2009 A.D.

CVSTOS FIDEI WEDNESDAY EDITION Afternoon Update Iconoclasm And The Sexual Revolution - David R. Carlin, InsideCatholic Pius XI On Catholic Social Teaching - Joe Hargrave, American Catholic A Portrait of Dietrich Von Hildebrand - Thomas Howard, InsideCatholic From New Delhi to Rome - Bobby Jindal, CatholicCitizens The Semi-Permeable Membranes Of Various Protestantisms - Mark Shea, InsdCthlc How To Administer Communion In A Dignified Manner - C. A. Palad, Rorate Cæli Changing The World - Tim Shipe, American Catholic YouTube Yanks Another Pro-Life Exposé Video - Peter J. Smith, LifeSiteNews Immigration And Health Care - Blackadder, American Catholic Obama Made Same Abortion Comments To Pope & Planned Parenthood - CNA Politics and Culture from a Catholic perspective: Capitalism Beats Socialism At Its Own Game - Blackadder, American Catholic Iran: Two Former Presidents Speak Out - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic Interview With Alphonse Creator Matthew Lickona - DarwinCatholic, Amrcn Cthlc Old Glory On The Moon - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic Bonus News: Liturgical Items Pass USCCB - Jeffrey Tucker, New Liturgical Movement A Diocese Without A Seminary Is Dead, Warns Bp. Fernandez - Cthlc Nws Agncy Jimmy Carter Plans On "Leaving" the Southern Baptist Again - Jay Anderson, PE Notable Commentary and Analysis: Margaret Sanger Was Against Abortion? - Eric Brown, American Catholic Basing Victory On Failure - DarwinCatholic, American Catholic Harry Potter And The Half-Witted Media - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic For Fun: Fatal Error - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic Let’s Send Congress To The Moon - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic Secular Commentary and Analysis: Radical Islam On Our Doorstep - Troy Nelson, American Thinker Rhodes Scholar Jindal Schools CNN's John Roberts - Mike Sargent, NwsBstrs O’Reilly Interviews Harry Alford After Barbara Boxer Encounter - B. Wilmouth, NB


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