Thursday, March 9, 2006

Hawaii: Baby Killing Center of Pacific

My beautiful home state of Hawaii is sliding into Gomorrah with legislation allowing in-office abortions and waiving a mandatory 90-day residency period. How can a picturesque and serene state such as Hawaii be so ugly and cruel to the unborn? How can alleged Christians in the state legislature allow for such an inhumane procedure to be now performed in your own office?! Judie Brown, President of the American Life League, has stated that if this legislation passes it would "...make Hawaii one of the quickie-abortion capitals of the world,". Unfortunately, this isn't surprising considering that recent events have shown Hawaii to be lax on morality and short on character when it comes to the defense of the unborn. Abortion in any way, shape, or manner clearly breaks the Fifth Commandment of 'You shall not kill'. It is at the heart of the covenant because it expresses the core of God's authority over the human race. Human life is a direct gift of the Creator, since at every conception He must immediately create the immortal soul. Once the Fifth Commandment is disobeyed, no other moral commandment of God has any validity. That is why abortion undermines the whole moral foundation of human civilization. For more information click here. For my previous posting on the Fifth Commandment click here. To learn more about realities of abortion versus the lies click here. For the American Life League's comments click here.


Moneybags said...

I read about this proposal on LifeNews this morning and was dismayed. I hope it doesn't happen. Right now I'm looking to South Dakota for hope. I'm praying they will come there.


I just started a new blog, one dedicated to all pro-life issues. Since you are from Texas, can you please let me know about your state's pro-life laws. I want to put together a post on each state and make this third blog of mine a place for information on the pro-life movement and how to make a difference. Thanks

Anonymous said...

You are a NUT...Where ever the Catholic church is in the world, you can bet the country is poor, near starvation, pathetic and OVERPOPULATED...of course the church will have their hand out and praise the lord and pass the sheckel plate. What bull...Who are you to determine WHEN life starts. Womens body reject fetus's all the time naturally ! What you are really against is SEX and I bet you don't get much of it !!!

"Who are you to determine WHEN life starts"

Yes, just leave it to those expedient pro-aborts for whom life doesn't begin until they say it does. Talk about subordinating science to totalitarianism.

"Womens body rejects fetus's all the time naturally". Um, how about "kids sometimes get run over on the way to school, so what's wrong with pushing a kid into the path of an oncoming car".

Now on to what I really wanted to comment on.

I read via Bill Cork that you are running a V2 series of talks. I'm planning to organise the same with a group of older teenagers and young adults starting May. I'd be really interested in how you've handled the topics.

Tito said...


I don't think the United States is poor, near starvation, pathetic, and overpopulated. And there are over 60 million of us Catholics (a lot in name only) in the U.S.

God bless and investigate a subject before you make general observations of situations you know nothing of.

Moneybags said...


You resort to ignorant and rude remarks instead of keeping this to a polite debate. You are however completely wrong. The Catholic Church is headed by Christ!

"Who are you to determine WHEN life starts."

We aren't! God is! And God through the Church and the Pope gives us the true teachings on life.

Tito said...


Moneybags is correct, our Christian charity goes far and deep, but insults aren't the best way to begin a discussion or debate on a subject.

Nonetheless, Moneybags is correct, we, the Catholic Church are the bride of Christ with St. Peter's chair the vicar on earth. Through apostolic succession the bishops of the world lead His flock through the authority of the Holy See in Rome, the Pope.

God bless.

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