Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Catholic News-Wednesday, November 21, 2007 A.D.

CVSTOS FIDEI AFTERNOON EDITION Cardinal-Des. DiNardo In Rome! - Tara Dooley, Houston Chron Vatican Approves Growing Stem Cells From Skin - AFP Episcopal Bp Joins Cathlc Church - Gerald Augustinus, TCIC Doctors Have A "License To Lie"? - Christina, Confessions Liberals Attack Mexico City Cathedral - Cal Catholic Daily St. Thomas U. (MN) Leaves Archdiocese - Hilary White, LfSt Abp DiNardo Rome Interview (video)- Vicente Arenas, KHOU Abp DiNardo Will Focus On Education & Immigration - CNA Embryonic Stems Cells - Joseph Bottum, First Things "The Golden Compass" Pleases No One - Catholic League 80th Anniversary Of Blessed Miguel Pro - Cal Catholic Daily Cardinal-Designate DiNardo The Traditionalist? - PJP, RCP Last Three Catholic News Postings: For Sunday Evening-Nov 18, click here. For Sunday Morning-Nov 18, click here. For Saturday, November 17, click here. (Hat Tip: Catholic Report)



Would you consider including this post from Catholic Fire on your list TAKE ACTION: POLICE ATTACK PRO-LIFERS IN SHOCKING DISPLAY OF ABUSE?

My readers have been urging more publicity and action on this. I also believe that it deserves more attention due to the grave injustice that has been done to ordinary citizens like you and me who are just reaching out to do what they believe is right. They are Christians who are being publicly mocked and abused. Not only have they been abused, but their rights have been violated. I pray that they have good attorneys.

God bless,

Whoops! Forgot to include this. Here's the link:

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