Friday, November 9, 2007

Extra Catholic News-Friday (11-9-2007 AD)

CVSTOS FIDEI EVENING EDITION Baltimore's Abp O'Brien's Orthodoxy - Thomas Peters, AmP Rochester Bp Clark's Heterodoxy - Gerald Augustinus, TCIC How To Be Less Catholic & More British - Argent, by the Tiber The Anti-Christmas Movie - Brent Bozell, Townhall Gary Wills Memory Conundrum - Gregory Popcak, LA Times Giuliani & The Christians - Robert Tracinski, RealClearPolitics Criticism Of Pat Robertson - Matthew Hoffman, LfSt Post-Conciliar Liturgical Philosophies - Shawn Tribe, NLM Grim Tidings From Cormac - Damian Thompson, Holy Smoke Gay Jesuit Needs Refresher - Fr. Thomas Eteneuer, Sprt & Lf UN's New Paradigm Is Not Christian - Abp J. Nienstedt, CRISIS Sen.'s Want Abortion Funding Ended - Jean Heimann, CathFr Last Three Catholic News Postings: For Friday Afternoon-Nov 9, click here. For Friday Morning-Nov 9, click here. For Wednesday, November 7, click here. (Hat Tip: The Curt Jester)



Thanks for the link!
Check out my post on Tiller: "Tiller the Killer" Claims Another Victim; May Be Sued In Small Claims Court This Time"

Last year Tiller hit a friend of mine with his Jeep Cherokee and now it looks like the case will be on TV and presided over by Judge Judy or Judge Joe Brown. The case had been previously dismissed in Wichita because the DA here is a "good friend" of Tiller's - another politician bought off with blood money.

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