Friday, August 1, 2008

Google Shutting Down Catholic Blogosphere

Catholic Fire A Catholic Mom in Hawaii The Deacon's Bench Vita Nostra in Ecclesia Happy Catholic The blogs listed above are but a small sample of the Catholic blogs that have been shut down since early this morning. Google has been systematically shutting down Catholic blogs all day beginning since last night. Starting this morning with Catholic Fire and A Catholic Mom in Hawaii and continuing nonstop throughout the day. I've gotten emails from bloggers and I've been gathering as much information as possible. The rumors that I have heard is that Obama supporters are targeting bloggers, in our case Catholic bloggers, by complaining to Google by devious mean such as labeling Catholic bloggers as pornography purveyors or racist(s). Other rumors suggest this is happening randomly as reported by Instapundit. Matthew Archbold of Creative Minority Report has been reporting on this since 8:47 am CST. I'll update the posting the more information I gather. If the rumor that Google is shutting down (blocking) Catholic blogs we may have to organize and call for a boycott on Google.


Instapundit says it is happening across blogspot and multiple types of blogs so it might just be a fluke.

Alan said...

I have to say, these rumors seem a little silly when, so far, there is no real evidence to suggest any real connection with Obama..? Not that it's impossible, but I think we should wait until we have a little more certainty before spreading rumors about Google, boycotts, or anything.


I agree.

That's why I stated them as rumors.

I'm thinking it might be some sort of virus that Google was unaware of.

Like I said, they're all just rumors.

Laurie said...

Looks like they're all back now.

Anonymous said...

It's not a virus. There is an issue for people who are using Sitemeter on their site - the Javascript running behind the scenes with the Sitemeter widget shuts down the web site when viewed with IE7. Check out this site for the instances of it:

To test this theory, go look at the site in IE7, then go look at it at Firefox and see if there's an issue.


I agree.

I have been having problems viewing my own blog with IE7. I switched over to FF3 yesterday and now the problem is solved.

Thanks for the input. It is making more sense now.

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