Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Returning October 1st: Tito 2.0

My spiritual life has begun to take center stage in my life at the moment. So much so that I need to cut back on a few things until God's done molding me into the Christian He wants me to be. Which means that I will abstain from blogging, among other things, for the time being and return October 1st. In the meantime what you all can do instead of reading my blog is to pray for me that I will follow God's will. If you're still yearning to get your daily dose of Catholic news, analysis, and opinion I would suggest the following fine blogs located at the top left of my blog under the heading, Catholic Commentary: Catholic Report, Creative Minority Report, Pro Ecclesia, Inside Catholic, and The Inside Blog. And if that's still not enough to satisfy your appetite, just follow down on the left side of my blog all the excellent Catholic and news links for your reading pleasure. For my Houston Catholic readers I would suggest reading the list of all the Houston based Catholic and news links on the right hand of my blog. When I return to my blog I'll continue posting the top 7-12 Catholic news stories of each day 4-7 times a week as I have done in the past. I may even pick up one or two more writers that will contribute original news stories concerning our Catholic faith and the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston to my blog. Just to reiterate, I will return October 1st. God bless you all. In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph, Tito


Good for you Tito. I see you have your priorities straight.
God bless,


Thank you for the encouragement.

God bless,


Will look forward to your return, Tito.


Thank you.

I enjoy reading your news roundup, especially your insightful commentary.

God bless,


Your in our prayers Tito.

Good luck and God bless.

Patrick & Matthew,

Thank you for the support and prayers.

God is just pounding away at my pride and molding me into a Christian warrior.


Hi Tito, I hope you are doing well. I wish you a blessed Feast of Mary the Queen.


I am doing fine.

God is answering my prayers and is doing what He wants for me.

Thank you for your concern.

Have a blessed Feast of Mary the Queen,


Anonymous said...


We miss you on the net, but it is a far, far better thing you do to get away.

I will need my sabbatical here sometime soon, myself. I can feel it, though my output has never been comparable to yours.

Whatever grace you are in need of, may it be your in abundance.

God Bless,
Fr. J.

Fr. J,

Thank you for your kind comments.

I need this time to reflect and move forward to align my will with His. Hopefully that includes an excess of the virtues of humility and patience (my addendum).

I certainly enjoy reading your posts (as well as A Simple Sinners) over at the Black Cordelias.

In my return, I hope to be more charitable and a better example of a Catholic who blogs (more importantly, a better Catholic striving to be alter Christus).

In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,


Genevieve said...

God Bless You!

Take a guilt free break! You are doing the right thing and we will all be here when you return.

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