Friday, September 24, 2010

Changes Coming

Changes are coming as I've been saying for several months to this blog and more.

Thank you for your patience and loyalty.

The first change is that there will be a new website that I am designing, developing, and will soon go online.  It will be very similar to Custos Fidei in it's daily news-of-the-day postings.  The difference being that they will be daily, not the infrequency that they are here at Custos Fidei.

What I've been doing here at Custos the past couple of years or so is experimenting on what I want to do with this new website.

The new website will be done from scratch and have a new name.

Custos Fidei will revert to being a personal blog of mine where I post from time to time my thoughts on everything (from a Catholic perspective).

Back to this new website.  I will reveal the name and Go-Live date hopefully within a few weeks (or days).

Please help me in this endeavor by spreading the word about.

In the meantime, enjoy the last few days of my aggregate news summaries!

In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,



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