Thursday, January 3, 2008

Catholic News-Thursday, January 3, 2008 AD

Pope Benedict's Love Of Cats - Gerald Augustinus, TCIC
Substantial Pain To An Unborn Child - California Catholic Daily
Fly The Too Friendly Skies - Jeff Miller, Curt Jester
Factors Dividing The Pope & Muslims - Sandro Magister, Chiesa
Passing On Values To Youth - John-Henry Weston, LifeSite
Voting In 2008 - Susan Wills, National Catholic Register
Philosophical Product Placement - Jeff Miller, Curt Jester The Mystery Of The Missing Days - Skip Pizzi, RW Online
Conversion Story Of 2008 - Catholic League
Canterbury Abp's Secret Gay Service - Dominic Kennedy, Times
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(Biretta Tips: Catholic Report & (Photo: Curt Jester)


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