Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Catholic View On New Hampshire Primary

Dave Hartline, the author of The Tide is Turning Toward Catholicism and blogger of the Catholic Report, gave his comments on the New Hampshire primary results from last night.
The script for this is almost out of some sort of political movie thriller. Both primary races are wide open, after every poll at least on the Democratic side, assured us of an Obama victory (somewhere Dewey & Landon must be smiling.) Orthodox-minded Catholics and Christians in general seem to be all over the board as it relates to the candidates. While Senator Thompson got the backing of some major pro-life groups, his candidacy is still on the launch pad waiting for fuel and a spark. Senator McCain has been praised by the likes of Priests for Life founder Father Frank Pavone for his pro-life voting record, though the organization obviously can't endorse a candidate. Even Governor Huckabee has some support from Catholics. Liberal Republican Catholics (Cafeteria) still seem smitten with Mayor Giuliani. On the Democratic side, the jury for liberal Democratic Catholics (Cafeteria) is still out with Senator Clinton probably pulling in the Sister Joan Chittister faction while Senator Obama attempts to garner the Martin Sheen contingent. I suppose there are some angry Catholics pulling for Senator Edwards & Congressman Ron Paul, all the while believing some conspiracy theory as to why they aren't more popular. I would think Evangelicals would rally behind Governor Huckabee in South Carolina, However, there are enough military veterans and orthodox-minded Episcopal holdouts to give McCain at least a shot to win the state. Before that we have Michigan, Nevada and then after South Carolina, we have Tsunami Tuesday, where over a dozen states vote. Hold on to your hats. Feel free to comment and give your prognostications for the upcoming primaries.
I am a supporter of the Senator from Kansas, Sam Brownback, but since his departure from the scene I have been looking for a candidate to support again. I know Senator Brownback is helping McCain out, but I am not convinced. I like Governor Mike Huckabee thus far and would like to commit to him, but I'm waiting for him to denounce John Hagee where Huckabee visited last year (John Hagee is an anti-Catholic bigot). Fred Thompson seems to have sold his soul to the highest bidder a la Mitt Romney for political expediency (Thompson has no compulsion in helping pro-abortion or pro-life causes, as long as he's paid well). Giuliani is great, but his advocacy of killing children is to much for me to stomach at this point. Ron Paul has some outstanding ideas, but listening to him drone on in the last New Hampshire debate on CNN that America is to blame for 9/11 was TOO much for me to take. Ron Paul lives in Bizarro world. The Democratic field represents the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah so I really can't say much about them except let's pray for them. Unless of course Senator Joe Lieberman runs, but he has stated otherwise. Excellent coverage of all the candidates from various Catholic bloggers by Jay Anderson over at Pro Ecclesia * Pro Familia * Pro Civitate here. Gerald Augustinus over at The Cafeteria Is Closed has his comments about the victors here. Jeff Miller over at The Curt Jester explains which party is the real party of change here. Jean M. Heinmann comments on 'Obamania' sputtering & the McComeback Kid McCain here. Read about John Edwards Pro-Abortion stance here. To read more about Dave Hartline's book, The Tide is Turning Towards Catholicism, click here. To read Dave Hartline's blog, Catholic Report, click here.


Ron Paul has never said that "America was to blame for 9/11." He has said that U.S. government policy causes anti-American hostility (which Al Qaeda exploits), but he has clearly stated several times that the moral responsibility - the blame - for 9/11 lies with those who flew the planes into the buildings, and those who ordered them to.

Please stop spreading false witness about a decent man.

Tito said...

I watched the CNN debate and he said verbatim that America caused 9/11.

Ron Paul should be more specific when laying blame around in such a general manner. I'm sure he meant something else like what you said, but in the end, it's America's fault for 9/11.

Go sing the Battle Hymn of the Republic and you'll realize that the first war that America ever encountered after independence was the war with the Barbary Coast. That was when the US Navy was first established to battle Islamic raiding ships from taking American goods, enslaving the American children, raping the American women, and beheading American men.

Was that also America's fault?

Ron Paul lives in Bizarro world.

Matt said...


can you explain away the blatantly racist and conspiracy obsessed newsletters that Ron Paul published for years?

Ron Paul's Conspiracy and Racist Newsletter

I guess that explains why he is so popular with the white supremacists.

God Bless,


Add McCain to the list of unacceptable candidates:

McCain on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Matt said...

crap. Just when I was thinking McCain would be a decent option. Looks like Huckabee is the only consistent pro-lifer in the bunch who isn't racist. period.

Bro Robin said...

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