Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Catholic News-Tuesday, January 29, 2008 AD

CVSTOS FIDEI MORNING EDITION Wired For The Word Of God - Jo Garcia-Cobb, Natl Cath Register Assyrians Elect To Enter Into Communion - Per Christum If Avignon, Why Not Cincinnati? - Rich Leonardi, Ten Reasons Anniversary Marks Deaths Of Millions - Ken Connor, Townhall NorCal Pro-Abortion Speaker Scandal - California Catholic Daily Bill Maher: America's #1 Bigot - Catholic League Atheism And Violence - Fr. Edward T. Oakes, First Things Book Rev: Atheism & Fatherlessness - Fr. Van Hove, Ignts Insght The Faithful Departed: Boston's Scandal - G. Augustinus, TCIC ...Cardinal Mahony's Mess... 2nd Priest Killed In Kenya Violence - BosNewsLife Puting Gay Rights Before Health - National Post Last Three Catholic News Postings: For Monday, January 28, click here. For Friday, January 25, click here. For Thursday, January 24, click here. (Biretta Tip: LifeSite)


Esther said...

Tito, there is an award waiting for you on my blog. The one for Excellence.

Christina said...

Tito, I must object to your headline on the pro-abort speaker story in Sacramento. Bishop Weigand is very vocal in his defense of life. He even publicly chastised former governor Gray Davis for his public support of abortion and warned him against recieving communion. (I was living in CA at the time and remember the indignant news headlines on the matter.)

Nowhere does the article even suggest that Weigand is responsible, much less that he approves of the speakers.

Given the information in the article, it appears that the scandal is the responsibility of St. Francis Catholic High School, not the Bishop.

Tito said...


Point duly noted.

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