Monday, November 24, 2008

Catholic News-Monday, November 24, 2008 A.D.

CVSTOS FIDEI MORNING EDITION Canonical Options for Catholic Legislators Supporting FOCA - Tito, Amrcn Cthlc A Cardinal Sings the Praises of Orthodoxy - Sandro Magister, Chiesa Gregorian Chants Draw New, Unlikely Fans - Carlos Alcala, The Hour A Warning to the GOP - Deal W. Hudson, Inside Catholic U.S. Liberal Catholics Organising Largest Lay Organization - Catholica In Mosul, a Battle for Christians - Gary Marx, Chicago Tribune Vocations Boom in Ireland - Patsy McGarry, Irish Times Legislating Immorality - Editors, National Review Online 188 Japanese Martyrs Canonized - Rocco Palmo, Whispers in the Loggia Ten Random, Politically Incorrect Thoughts - Victor Davis Hanson, RealClearPolitics New President, More Abortions - Nat Henhoff, The Washington Times Bonus Commentary: Catholic Teaching, Homosexuality, & American Life - Eric Brown, American Cthlc The Toleration Act of Maryland - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic The Last Gasp of Hippies - Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report Senator Biden's Conscious Hurting Him? - Deal W. Hudson, The Inside Blog Feelings and Faith - Marcel, Aggie Catholics Bonus Video: Pope Benedict XVI's Life - Padre Steve, Da Mihi Animas Notable Commentary: To Pray, To Engage, & Fight Like a Maccabee - Christopher Blosser, Amrcn Cthlc A Call to Arms for God, Life, and Country - Tito, American Catholic Bishop Hermann: "Would Consider It a Privilege to Die to End to Abortion" - LSN Praying-Coach Case Heads to Supreme Court - Alyssa Farah, WorldNetDaily Newly Discovered Screwtape Letter! - Ryan Harkins, American Catholic Monastery of the Angels, Precious to Muslims of Karachi - Qaiser Felix, AsiaNews Obama Administration Reveals Plans to Advance Gay Agenda - Cthlc Nws Agncy Notable News: Petition Against Making Abortion A Human Right - More Pro-Life Censorship -- At a Catholic University - Christian Newswire Muslims, Christians, & Police Clash in Cairo - M&C Books: Top Ten Catholic Bestsellers for November 2008 - Tito, American Catholic Music Video: Mozart Te Deum - Donald R. McClarey, American Catholic Secular Commentary: Obama's One-Trick Wizards - Spengler, Asia Times Beware of the 'Fairness Doctrine' - William Rusher, Townhall (Biretta Tips: Kevin Knight,, & Lucianne)


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