Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Custos Fidei Exclusive: Sneak Peak at New Website

As I promised to my loyal readers I am unveiling the name of a new website that combines the best of RealClearPolitics and the Drudge Report with a Catholic focus of course!

The name of this new website is The Pulpit.

I was going to wait to make it go online after Thanksgiving, I've decided that as soon as I'm done with a few more tweaks it'll go online by the end of this week.

I dare my readers to search for it online and see if they can locate the URL and post it in the comments section.

The first reader who does this gets bragging rights to being the First Reader of The Pulpit (sorry, I'm poor!).

Good luck and God bless!

In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,



c matt said...

Because someone had to win.

C Matt,

Technically, you won!


C Matt is our First Reader.



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