Monday, October 18, 2010


Dear loyal readers,

I am requesting your prayers for my upcoming wedding, which of course means I will not be posting anything until I return from all activities.

Once I return on November 1, this personal blog, Custos Fidei, will revert to a personal blog of my musings on the Catholic faith.

The links of commentary and analysis will be moved to a new Catholic website which will launch on November 28 (the Sunday after Thanksgiving) or earlier.  It will be a dedicated website to posting the best commentary, opinion, and analysis in the Catholic web.

It will be very well made, spiffy, and professional looking.

What you've seen these past three weeks, twice daily posts during the weekdays and one daily post on the weekends, here on Custos Fidei will be done on this new website.  Included will probably be a daily Catholic television news update, a truncated version of the best Catholic aggregater news links, and a daily top-ten of the most popular posts on the web.

Imagine the Drudge Report combined with RealClearPolitics but exponentially improved in serving you the best in the Catholic web.  No tiny type and no quick hits, only well written, in-depth analysis of the currents in the Catholic Church as well as everything else related to the Bride of Christ.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please post them here and tell me what you liked or didn't like or want to see or not see.

The name of this new website will be posted here first to my loyal readers.  The URL has already been purchased and the logo is nearing completion.  The basic layout of the website has been set and is currently being programmed now (which I'm about a third of the way through).

In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,



Anonymous said...

Congratulations.... Good luck... RUN,OMG RUN WHILE YOU CAN!!!


Now, now, I'm looking forward to sharing this sacrament with my fiance.

Claudia said...

Congratulations, Tito.

Even if I doubt that you remember me (it's been so long since I commented here the last time), I'm very happy for you, your fiancé and your family.

Christina said...

Felicitations! May you and your bride be blessed in your marriage!

Teresa said...

Congratulations Tito!! You and your fiance are in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you and your fiance a most blessed, happy, and safe wedding.

The ideas for your new blog sound wonderful!

In fact, I love your background on this blog and have wondered where you found it because I have been looking for a Catholic (inexpensive)background to improve my Tu ne cede malis blog.

God Bless!

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