Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Custos Fidei's New Look... Again!

The changes that I have made over the years to Custos Fidei have mostly come without warning, but at least they were gradual changes, nothing sudden.  Changing the header and tweaking sidebars here and there are some of the changes that I have implemented.

Since I have upgraded the The American Catholic website and created two new websites, Gulf Coast Catholic and The Pulpit, I have decided to upgrade Custos Fidei as well.  I won't get a URL, but I will mess around with the programming and see what I can do to make it more user friendly.

If any of my loyal readers have any idea, suggestion, and or requests, now is the time to speak your peace.

Just as a friendly reminder since we are on the topic of websites, if you miss your twice daily Catholic news updates here at Custos Fidei, I haven't stopped them, I've just created a brand new website just for them at The Pulpit.

In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,



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