Friday, April 28, 2006

Andrea Clark Moving To Chicago

Just read that a suburban facility (assuming here hospital) in Chicago will take in Andrea Clark for further care. Andrea Clark is the patient that clearly stated to family and doctors that she wanted to live before heading into the operation that led her to her present state of needing life support.
'The conflict erupted April 19, when Dr. Robert Carpenter Jr., chairman of St. Luke's ethics committee, wrote Ward and Dixon to say that the committee had unanimously agreed with Clark's attending physician that "the life-sustaining treatment currently being provided to your sister is inappropriate and should be discontinued."
St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital is a despicable institution that should be shut down. How can a hospital not provide for a patient that clearly wants to live? This ethical committee should take a basic course in 'ethics' at a nearby college. I'm at a loss for words in trying to explain why this 'ethics committee' could make such a depraved decision as to take a woman's life. For more click


CS said...

NAME and SHAME, that's what we need to do with these corrupt hospitals.

Stay away from them unless absolutely necessary. If you aren't in immediate need, then go to the next town over.

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