Wednesday, April 5, 2006

San Francisco's Anti-Catholic Bigotry

The open hostility that the San Francisco City Council showed to the Catholic Church and it's faithful can be called for what it is, bigotry. They issued a resolution showing open hostility, where in which the U.S. Constitution states no prejudice can or will be shown to religion.

The San Francisco City Council's resolution has condemned the Catholic Church's moral teachings on perverse sexuality. The resolution states,

"It is an insult to all San Franciscans when a foreign country, like the Vatican, meddles with and attempts to negatively influence this great city's existing and established customs and traditions, such as the right of same-sex couples to adopt and care for children in need."
The chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, Richard Thompson, said

the resolution's "demagoguery and virulent words...are reminiscent of the anti-Catholic bigotry of the Ku Klux Klan and the Know Nothings, which marred our nation's earlier history. San Francisco may as well have put up signs at the city limits: 'Faithful Catholics Not Welcomed," he added.

For more on this article click here. For the resolution click here. For the Catholic League lawsuit against the San Francisco City Council click here. For more from CNS click here.


Matt said...

can we ask them to give up our saint's name?

Tito said...

If that is the case, they can rename themselves Sodom and Gomorrah.

An appropriate epitath for a fallen city.

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