Monday, February 18, 2008

Catholic News-Monday, February 18, 2008 AD

CVSTOS FIDEI MORNING EDITION China Repents & Seeks to Woo Pope - Sheridan/Follain, Times Muslims Free Iraqis Who Refused To Convert - Cath Nws Agncy Bill Clinton Loses Temper at Pro-Life Students - LifeSiteNews Obama & the Gospel of Liberalism - Deal Hudson, Insde Catholic Liberal Christianity Dying - Catholic News Agency Latin Mass Grows on Campus - Valeria Schmalz, NC Register 'Brain Dead' Woman Walks & Talks - Hilary White, LifeSiteNews Appeals to Stop Public Funding of Gay Festival - Cal Cath Dly Bible Calls It a Sin - Interview (Metro. Kyrill), Orthodoxy Today Charles Barkley Slams Christians - Tim Graham, NewsBusters Cosmo's World - Scipio, The Return of Scipio The Shari'a Archbishop - Lance Fairchok, American Thinker Shameless Catholic Plug of the Day: Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) The Number One Worldwide Christian Network (Radio & TV) Secular News Item of the Day: America's Three Worst Presidents by Ari Kaufman of American Thinker Last Three Catholic News Postings: For Friday Afternoon, Feb-15, click here. For Friday Morning, Feb-15, click here. For Thursday, February 14, click here. (Biretta Tip: Catholic Report)


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