Friday, February 15, 2008

More Catholic News-Friday (2-15-2008 AD)

CVSTOS FIDEI AFTERNOON EDITION Pope Rallys Catholics to Help Levant Christians - Cth Nws Agncy New US Envoy to the Vatican, Glendon - Harvard Law School Rosalind Moss to start a Community of Sisters - Cath Nws Srvc What's Liberal & Conservative - Fr. Richard Neuhaus, 1st Thngs Five Reasons Why Romney Lost - Todd Aglialoro, Inside Catholic The Heart of the Other - Fr. Philip Powell, Domine Pro-Life Bloggers Defeat YouTube - Jean Heimann, Cthlc Fire Catholics Barred to be Freemasons - Bp. Robert Finn, Cath Ky The Latest on the Lambeth Crisis - Thomas Peters, AmP Jews Should Respect Catholic Prayers - Jonathon Tobin, IsrleNws NY Times Abortion Cover(up)age - Debbie Nathan, New Republic Sky Angel IPTV Adds 5 Catholic Channels - Cthlc Nws Agncy Shameless Catholic Plug of the Day: National Catholic Register America's Top-Notch Catholic Newspaper Secular News Item of the Day: Texas Poll: Obama 48%, Clinton 42% Rick Moran, American Thinker Last Three Catholic News Postings: For Friday Morning, Feb-15, click here. For Thursday, February 14, click here. For Wednesday, February 13, click here. (Biretta Tips: Inside Catholic, Catholic Fire, &


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