Friday, February 1, 2008

Catholic News-Friday, February 1, 2008 AD

CVSTOS FIDEI MORNING EDITION Paved With The Skulls Of Bishops - Fr. R. Neuhaus, 1st Things Dateline Nairobi, Kenya - Sandro Magister, Chiesa Sacreligious Puppet Mass In Baton Rouge - Jeff Miller, Crt Jstr Time To Rethink Communion In The Hand - Cindy Wooden, CNS Legionaries Of Christ Maciel Dies - Elizabeth Hamilton, Courant Abortionist Convicted Of Manslaughter - Peter Smith, LifeSite Pro-Life Hero: Wesley J. Smith - Devon Williams, CitizenLink ...his blog Secondhand Smoke here... Great March For Life Photographs - LifeSiteNews Choose Life Movies? They're 'Fictions' - Tim Graham, NwsBstrs Angels & Demons Movie - Leon Grey, American Chronicle Hard-Core Porno Isn't "Free Speech" - Matt Barber, Twnhll Shameless Blog Plug of the Day: Ten Reasons by Rich Leonardi Last Three Catholic News Postings: For Thursday, January 31, click here. For Wednesday, January 30, click here. For Tuesday, January 29, click here. (Biretta Tips: National Catholic Register &


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