Thursday, February 7, 2008

Excellent Award for Blogs

Esther who writes the 'A Catholic Mom from Hawaii' blog has kindly awarded this blog the above award. Thank you Esther.
The rules: By accepting this Excellent Blog Award, you have to award it to 10 more people whose blogs you find Excellent Award worthy. You can give it to as many people as you want but please award at least 10. Thank you out there for having such great blogs and being such great friends! You deserve this! Feel free to award people who have already been awarded.
And with that nice preface is the following 20 Excellent Award blog winners from CVSTOS FIDEI:
1. Catholic Report by Dave Hartline. Excellent daily source of current news about Catholicism with insightful and charitable commentary.
2. The Cafeteria Is Closed by Gerald Augustinus. A medley of articles reposted by Gerald pointing out the disparities of those that practice their faith and those that don't.
3. The Curt Jester by Jeff Miller. Punditry, prayer, parody, polemics, puns from a Papist perspective. Good clean fun at our expense.
4. Pro Ecclesia * Pro Familia * Pro Civitate by Jay Anderson. Political analysis from a Catholic perspective. Excellent insight and great unveiling of the rampant Noam Chomskyism from Cafeteria Catholics. I just love converts. Pretty long name for a blog that I wish he would shorten, but one of the ones I read daily. [note: When I write 'Noam Chomskyism' & 'Cafeteria Catholics' I am refelecting my opinion, not Jay's]
5. Holy Smoke by Damian Thompson. A hard hitting Catholic journalist from London's top newspaper, the Telegraph. Exposing England's spineless prelates and shining the light on dynamic orthodoxy.
6. What Does The Prayer Really Say? (WDTPRS) by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf (Fr. Z). A devout priest explaining difficult doctrine in simple terms as well as offering analysis of Papal, clerical, & lay documents to unveil what is really being said. Another way to describe this fine blog is it's the New Liturgical Movement(see the next # 4), but on steroids.
7. Per Christum, a group blog. Simple blog with extraordinary postings on Catholic topics and current events. A Simple Sinner is on of my favorite posters.
8. Off The Record, a group blog. Diogenes is my favorite poster on this blog. His incisive postings on the Spirit of Vatican II crowd makes me laugh at the ridiculousness of it all as well as sad for those that are being left astray because of this.
9. Domine, da mihi hanc aquam! by Fr. Philip Powell. Wow. That's my reaction when I read his postings. Fr. Powell posts his most insightful and excellent homilies as well as the occasional request for books - he is a mendicant friar after all (correct me if I'm wrong here please).
10. Roman Catholic Vocations by Brad Watkins. Awesome postings on everything concerning Holy Orders. From monks to nuns and friars, oh my!
The Next Ten Excellent Blogs (I'm a voracious reader so I couldn't just rank only ten):
1. Recapturing our Catholic Patrimony (RCP), a group blog. This wonderful couple, PJP & Sarah, (and their two friends) post about their life, saints, and great analysis of pre-Vatican II documents in order to show all Catholics the rich patrimony of our Catholic faith.
2. A Catholic Mom in Hawaii by Esther. Great devotionals, local insights, and observations of life in Hawaii from a Catholic mother. Well written and beautifully ornate graphics make this a pleasant read at the end of the day.
3. Catholic Fire by Jean M. Heimann. Daily postings of Catholic facts and wonderful analysis of pop culture. You like facts, go here.
4. New Liturgical Movement/Novus Motus Liturgicus, by Shawn Tribe and others. Analysis of liturgy and liturgical developments from around the world. This stuff is mostly over my head, but I can honestly say that each posting that I read makes me appreciate the Mass ever more.
5. The Dawn Patrol by Dawn Eden. Wonderful insight on the Pro-Life movement as well as the daily happenings of what Dawn is doing. Please pray for her recovery.
6. Thoughts of a Regular Guy by Paul. It's like Jay's blog at Pro Ecclesia, but older. OK, enough with the jokes, a bit more broader in scope with less political analysis.
7. The Lair of the Catholic Cavemen, a group blog. They say it best, "The Car Crash of Blogs. You Don't Want To, But You Just Can't Help But Look". Warning, if you enjoy reading Fr. McBrian's articles or appreciate liturgical dancing be prepared to be Catholicized by these fine, upstanding Catholic bloggers. Or at least get the last rites.
8. L.A. Catholic by Quintero. The Cardinal Mahony resignation/retirement/death watch. Or how to avoid the abomination that is the LA Cathedral. Or how to appreciate the depravity of Los Angeles worst churches and priests. Or ... you get the picture.
9. American Papist by Thomas Peters. Excellent analysis and reporting from the Catholic world. This guy should be an editor for National Catholic Register, or better yet, the National Catholic Reporter so they will stop pushing the Spirit of Vatican II agenda.
10. RORATE CÆLI by New Catholic and others. Want to know what's going on with orthodoxy in Catholicism, well this is the blog for you.
And that my fellow readers is that. I want to post the next ten excellent blogs, but I'm getting weary.


Thank you so much, Tito! I am truly honored.

God bless you!

Tito said...


You're very welcome. You give me waaay to much credit (but it's appreciated:~).

In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,


Ha, ha...good one! Next time I see you at Mass, I'll actually come talk to you so that you can conduct your inquisition.

Tito said...


I look forward to speaking with you. I understand that there are practicing Catholics as well as Cafeterians, but when you display Karl Marx as one of your 'inspirations' on that blog, it doesn't matter if you're a devout Catholic or not.

Birds of a feather flock together.

Thanks for the award!!! It's always good to know that someone out there is benefiting from the homilies...

Oh, yes, "mendicant" means "beggar."

God bless! Fr. Philip Powell, OP

I look forward to speaking with you. I understand that there are practicing Catholics as well as Cafeterians, but when you display Karl Marx as one of your 'inspirations' on that blog, it doesn't matter if you're a devout Catholic or not.

I never mind criticism of my positions. But I can't stand misrepresentations. Karl Marx is not one of my or any other Vox Nova contributor's "inspirations," and we state that explicit in the description of our banner. Your deep seeded aversion to Marxism proves the very point we make: Karl Marx has contributed to the political matrix in which our contemporary social and political framework defines itself and operates. Marx's presence is not an endorsement any more than Adam Smith's presence. Now, if you insist on misrepresenting me or anyone else at Vox Nova as a Marxist, then I will beg you to provide some substance. Otherwise, please stop the slandering.

If you have any question about my faith, you can ask me in person. I have seen you from afar many times in Mass throughout Houston. I will make it a point to come talk to you the very next time I see you. Then you can either apologize or you can test your theories about my heterodoxy. But in the meantime, please do not be so disingenuous.

Tito said...


I understand that we don't see eye-to-eye on what it means to be a Catholic. We should agree to disagree because our discussions don't bear any fruit, at the worst it produces sour feelings (I see it coming from you).

If you want to approach me that would be great. I'm a pretty friendly gentleman and highly charitable to everyone I am engaged in conversation.

If you want to discuss difficult topics I like that as well. But if you're unable to be charitable then I suggest you don't approach me because I don't like it when others become upset with themselves.

I'm surprised you haven't approached me sooner, I'm sure we would have become friends, maybe even good friends.

Now for Karl Marx is completely unacceptable. When Vox Nova posters start arguing how pro-life Obama is, the is a clear red signal that we have prideful intellectuals who talk themselves into heterodoxy.

If you're so confident about your position I don't understand why you have to constantly defend yourself if my accusations weren't true. Becuase if you knew you were confident then you wouldn't be so upset with me.

Now maybe I may have hurt you and Kat's feelings and that is not what I wanted.

So I'd like to apologize for your hurt feelings because that's not what being a Christian is all about.

I'm not a theology scholar or scholar of any sort. But when Vox Nova posters start splitting hairs and making excuses for Marx and Obama, then it is quite clear that pride has replaced faith in God.


Now for Karl Marx is completely unacceptable.

First, no one at Vox Nova touts Marx. This is a fabrication on your part. Second, if you are worried about Marx, perhaps you ought to read the praise AND criticism Pope Benedict XVI provides of him in his latest encyclical Spe Salvi. I doubt very much you have ever read Marx, let alone ever will. So I take your criticisms of Marx as vacuous and timorous. I have read Marx. You find no praise from me for him.

When Vox Nova posters start arguing how pro-life Obama is, the is a clear red signal that we have prideful intellectuals who talk themselves into heterodoxy.

First, no one at Vox Nova argued that Obama is "pro-life." Perhaps you ought to re-read whatever post you are referring to. And while you are at, do read Rick Garnett's and Blackadder's posts AGAINST support for Obama. Second, anyone who would say Obama is "pro-life" is stupid, not heterodox. There is no denial of the faith involved in making a error of that magnitude. In any case, no one at Vox Nova made such a claim.

I'm a pretty friendly gentleman and highly charitable to everyone I am engaged in conversation.

That's very high praise you heap onto yourself. If you say so. I suppose virulent insults don't count against charity when they are made on blogs.

I understand that we don't see eye-to-eye on what it means to be a Catholic.

That's a shame, because this means that you're not reading your Catechism.

Tito said...


So with your line of logic, I should read the entire Bible in order to have an opinion on anything Catholic?

Look, I'm not an intellectual, so I see things more in black & white than I do of shades of gray. But like I said we can agree to disagree.

Or you can continue arguing with me if you wish.

As far as heaping praise upon myself, I was trying to make you comfortable in approaching me. You can find that out for yourself.

Or you can continue throwing insults at me like you normally do.

As far as the Catechism is concerned and "praising yourself", I see that you think highly of yourself that "your version" of Catholicism is the end-all and be-all.

If you do practice your faith, you wouldn't be throwing insults and showing off your pride on my blog (or yours for that matter).

Again, this is pointless in debating and arguing. Especially when you're upset.

Just come and say hello to me and I'm sure we can clear things up as good & charitable Catholics do.


Hi Tito,

I thought you might find this post interesting and want to include it on your list. The times they are a changin'is written by my guest blogger, Mark Geitzen, a Catholic and a nationally known pro-life activist who is the head of Kansas Coalition for Life. He is also the Co. Coordinator for the Alan Keyes Campaign.

God bless you!

Much obliged!

Where do I post our acceptance speach? I hope I get to dust my kilt & Prince Charlie jacket off to accept!

My only complaint is that you have pretty well awarded everyone I have already...

Bob Catholic already got it... Maybe

1) The Splendor of the Church

2) Canterbury Tales

3) What's Wrong With the World

4) The Ochlophobist

5) Laus Crucis

6) Jimmy Akin

7) Sacramentum Vitae

8) CourageMan

9) Pontifications

10) Bumi Pak

Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it.

As for the length of the blog name, I can't bring myself to shorten it - after all, my blog is about Church, family, and politics. But if it helps just use "Pro Ecclesia" for shorthand. A lot of folks do that.

And for the record, I'm a fan of Vox Nova. It's not all "Noam Chomskyism".


I'd be surprised if Tito (or Jay for that matter) has read anything by Noam Chomsky either.

Tito said...


I have read his book and viewed his speeches. I've never seen so much word-play, hair-splitting, and nuance-acrobatics of grammer since President Clinton explained what the definition of the word "is" is.

Then I started reading Vox Nova and the comments that are posted and I was blown away by the Noam Chomskyisms.


You have read "his book" huh? Which of his hundreds of books have you read? Let's talk about it.

And you saw "his speeches"? That's a lot of speeches. I'm surprised you could track all of his thousands of speeches down. You must be a Chomsky expert.

Can you give an example of the "hair-splitting" that you see in Chomsky's work? Perhaps the fact that he is a linguist gives him the right to engage in a little hair splitting from time to time.

Please. I would love to talk about Chomsky's ideas with you. What precisely is the problem you have with his his work? Please be specific.

Tito said...


As a Catholic I need to tell you to stop embarrasing yourself.

Maybe Noam Chomsky should stick to being a linguist and stop accusing the United State of being a terrorist state.

Go to this link:


Anonymous said...


Oh, wikipedia is such an objective and trustworthy source!!!

And if were even to cursorily glance through, say, JPII's encyclical on the 100th anniversary of Rerum Novarum, you would come to understand how the Church have benefited from an honest and fair encounter with Marx.

Of course, you are not an "intellectual". I dare not tax your mind to suggest that you actually read the authors and books about which you judge. And if you were to do so, you would have to face the painful truth of how feeble and vacuous you sound in constructing/bandying about phrases such as your 'Noam Chomskyisms'.

I suggest you follow your research habits and do a simple google search for "Fr. Coughlin", of the '30s. Or "mobocracy". Your attempted master of anti-intellctual rhetoric is very troubling.

Tito said...


The insults keep rolling in from Vox Nova.

I see that you to are unable to keep a civil debate.

Birds of a feather flock together.


"I'd be surprised if Tito (or Jay for that matter) has read anything by Noam Chomsky either."

Please leave me out of this. I've stated that I am a fan of Vox Nova; and I'm a fan of Custos Fidei, as well.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.


Tito said...

It's unfortunate that Michael (Policraticus) and Katerina decided to slander my character on their blog. It seems it is a 'retaliation' for my Excellent Awards posting (my opinion that some vox nova bloggers are insincere Catholics).

It is nothing short of being uncharitable.


Tito - Again, which Chomsky book did you read? Let's talk about it. Don't point me to Wikipedia.

Chomsky's claim that the U.S. is a terrorist state is a well-thought-out claim. Can you unpack for me why he says this? (Clue: it's not because he hates the U.S.)

If you do not have the ability to engage his ideas, you should not bring him up. Not even a Wikipedia article.

Tito said...


I don't feel the need to explain anything to you.

Your attempts at engaging at a debate are sophomoric and belittling an intellect such as yourself.

If you consider defending yourself by attacking what books I read or my intelligence then you are being disingenuous.

What do you want to know next? What elementary school I attended? What grades I earned in college?

Pretty petty stuff.

It's unbecoming of an alleged Catholic such as yourself.


Tito - I am not insulting your intelligence. Far from it. I'm giving you the opportunity to talk about what you think of Chomsky. In fact, I think MORE of you than how you present yourself... which is to make comments about writers and books that you have not really ever read.

If you have read Chomsky, go ahead and say that Vox Nova is full of "Chomskyisms" but be prepared to explain why you say that. If you have NOT read Chomsky, don't embarrass yourself by talking about "Chomskyisms."

I'm not sure what is "sophomoric" about asking you what you actually think of Chomsky's work if you in fact use a word like "Chomskyisms."

TIP: Do not put down authors that you have not actually read and know little about. We expect that kind of crap from Gerald Augustinius. I would hope you're better than that.

"Alleged" Catholic, eh? Who is the one being uncharitable?

Matt said...


do you need to jump off a tall building to know you will be killed if you do? Do you need to read the Satanic Bible to know that it's evil? Do you need to read Marx to know that he and his ilk are evil? The answer to all these things is no, you don't. In fact avoiding misguided opinions has generally been discouraged throughout the ages by the Catholic Church (the index). If we know Chomsky is a radical leftist atheist who is anti-american by reading trustworthy and unrefuted discussions of his work, and quotations from him, why do we need to waste our time reading him?

Remarks on Religion
US does not want democracy, but imperialism
The United States is a Leading Terrorist State

God Bless,


Walter said...

Nice. I see a few blogs here i hadn't discovered. More good catholic blogs to add to my daily reading.

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