Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Should We Ask for Bill Maher's Head?

When Bill Maher first said that juvenile and vile diatribe concerning our beloved Pope on HBO I just rolled my eyes in disgust. I was not upset, but I did have this feeling of disgust and a little shock. Because of this I first let it go, then I felt that I shouldn't let it go at all. Why? Maybe because of the Sin of Omission. The Catholic Encyclopedia states that "omission" is here taken to be the failure to do something one can and ought to do. If this happens advertently and freely a sin is committed (New Advent). So I prayed that Bill Maher would have a change of heart. Then I posted some comments on various Catholic and secular blogs. Now I'm blogging about it. Here is my dilema. I also don't want Bill Maher to lose his job because of my account or anyone else's. I'll say that it is my compassion for the unemployed and my Christian charity that makes me feel this way. There is also a part of me that would deliciously enjoy his public firing though. But that would be wrong. I hate to see anyone lose their job for any reason other than mala praxis. What to do? Do I sin if I do nothing? Or if I do something that contributes (directly or indirectly) to his firing, does that mean I lack Christian charity? What am I to do or think for that matter? I posted a link to FireBillMaher.com in my news edition last night and now I'm having second thoughts about it. He probably should be disciplined, but not fired. In addition I'll pray for his change of heart. That's my conclusion (for now), what do you all think?


There were some good celebrities who sang/performed for the Pope or did a liturgical accompaniment for the Pope and the Catholics. The more we focus on Bill Maher, the less people hear of those who were there for the Catholics including Mo Rocca, Kelly Clarkson, Harry Connick, Jr. Kim Burrell, Stephanie Mills, Placido Domingo, George Steinbrenner and so many more.

Bill Maher will fade away but let us always be grateful to those who celebrated Pope Benedict's visit.

I say send the message and call for termination/cancelation. No show lasts forever... (he has been canceled before) and lefty hipsters will continue to go to his unfunny stand up gigs.

Anonymous said...

You can't seriously be worried about him being unemployed. The guy has enough money and could certainly continue doing stand-up. Everyone has a right to say what they want, but the public also has the right to be heard and to influence who appears on TV by voicing their opinion. Bill Maher will be fired if a large enough contingency of people put pressure on HBO. That is the democratic way. So, let your disgust be known and exert your influence. If you are successful, then so be it. He will not go hungry, but you will have made a positive difference in society. People choose to go to Hell by sinning; it is not God's choice. Similarly, Bill Maher is sending himself off the air by offending the sensibilities of the populace. He reaps what he sows.

Anonymous said...

Interesting thoughts..

Tito said...

Fr. Carr,

I agree, we should focus on the positive aspects of the Pope's visit, but at the same time should we allow hate to fester and contaminate others? Just a thought.

A Simple Sinner,

I want to agree. I need to pray more.


Yes I'm serious. And you have a somewhat valid point that he won't go hungry from losing his job. Again, I need to pray more, but not to much, he isn't important enough to worry over mind you.

Mrs. Parkes,

Thank you again for visiting and reading my blog!

In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,


Esther said...

Tito, I actually was concerned about him losing his job too at first. But he is probably well off and has other ventures for making a living. I posted the firebillmaher button on my blog because he will continue to attack the Catholic church. I don't feel its right to be silent when someone attacks our Church and our Holy Father.

Tito said...


You also make good points of him being well off. Though he probably wouldn't change... either way of keeping or losing his job.

So maybe would should campaign to have him lose his job and pray for him as well.

To show that we are concerned about the calumny towards our faith.


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