Monday, July 28, 2008

The Best in Catholic Commentary

My Catholic Commentary section is one of the newest sections of my blog which is part of the more stylized format that I have implemented. Granted I've had this format a few months now and many of you have been familiar with this, but I still want to explain these new features. One of these new features is that I now have three (3) columns instead of two. It's a big deal on blogger since blogger doesn't offer this feature; It has to be HTML'ed in. Well, anyways, the Catholic Commentary section represents what goes for commentary or opinion in the Catholic blogosphere. Yes, many blogs do offer their opinions but I wanted to single out a few noteworthy blogs that offer quality commentary from a Catholic perspective without compromising our faith to the altar of populism and fall into incurvatus in se. Basically being charitable for the greater good. The Catholic Report, Creative Minority Report, Pro Eclessia, Inside Catholic*, The Inside Blog**, What Does The Prayer Really Say?, Sandro Magister (Chiesa), and John Allen (All Things Catholic all exemplify quality commentary without compromising the faith. These blogs touch upon the subjects of the day that are meaningful to practicing Catholics with their charm and wit. Catholic Report reviews the positive growth of Catholicism in an ever increasing hostile and secular world. Dave Hartline is the main blogger and has written a book on the subject titled, "The Tide Is Turning Toward Catholicism". I recommend both his blog and his book. The Creative Minority Report is written with humorous headlines and wonderful wit. These brothers (I believe) are the Archbolds who extol their thoughts on current events affecting Catholicism around the world and in their own homes. Powerful punditry on the scale of The Curt Jester! Pro Eclessia * Pro Familia * Pro Civitate is a well written blog offering commentary on hot topics such as the 2008 American Presidential campaign and other political tertiary topics. This Knight of Columbus is a convert with a passion for law, Jay Anderson esq. If you want to flesh out difficult politically related topics such as stem cell research to abortion, this blog has it all for you. Inside Catholic is an online Catholic magazine similar to Crisis magazine (a highly touted Catholic mag). Inside Catholic offers commentary and opinion on a wide variety of subjects. Deal W. Hudson, who recently just published, "Onward Christian Soldiers" (an excellent historical analysis of how Christianity has affected American political discourse), has gathered together a young and distinguished panel of bloggers who's political spectrum is well represented. Whether you're a liberal or a Republican you won't go away disappointed with professional analysis and insightful commentary from Inside Catholic. The Inside Blog is actually a subsection of Inside Catholic, but well deserving of their own separate mention here. From Eric Pavlat's yellow dog opinions to Margarett Cabaniss' synopsises of the week, you get a wide variety of off the cuff commentary that will inform you throughout the day. I'd also like to mention in addition to the fore mentioned bloggers and other Inside Catholic contributors, Zoe Romanowsky, Steve Skojec, Todd M. Aglialoro, and Brian Saint-Paul are some of the Catholic commentators worthy of note. What Does The Prayer Really Say? by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf is arguably the number one Catholic blog in St. Blogs***. What can be said except another non-gratuitous 'atta boy' to Fr. Z, as he's affectionately called. Fr. Z offers excellent insider analysis from popular topics to the most mundane details of Catholicism. If you want to know why a certain Cardinal wears a certain garment in the presence of the Pope, he's your priest. Sandro Magister is an Italian journalist who has opinions that cannot go unnoticed. It's wonderful to find this gem of a Catholic with the pulse of the Vatican at his doorstep. His articles are a joy to read. And finally John Allen, everyones favorite Catholic with a liberal slant. John is one of those journalists that is capable of writing articles without grinding his axe. His book on Opus Dei and his postings on his blog (which is the only redeeming feature on National Catholic Reporter) come highly recommended by me. * Inside Catholic is more like a magazine which doesn't disqualify them. ** The Inside Blog is actually a section of Inside Catholic but they are worthy of being mentioned in their own right. *** To those not in the know, St. Blogs is a euphemism for the 'Catholic blogosphere'.


Thank for your kind words, Tito!


You're welcome. I enjoy reading your blog each day.

All the best,


I never realized just how discerning you are until today ;-)

Thanks for the kind words!

P.S. Yes we are brothers. (At least that is what Mom says, I still have my doubts.)


You're very welcomed.

One of the reason's why I don't post original articles is that I'm trying to figure out if I want to be serious or witty (such as yourselves). I don't know if being both works.

Anyways, the main reason why I don't post original articles is because of time constraints.

But I do have a sense of humor and I appreciate the witty banter that goes on in you and your brother's blog.

In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,


Wendy said...


Thanks so much for the kind words about I've enjoyed following some of the links you provide.

By the way, I'm actually not a Yellow Dog Democrat, but a Blue Dog.

--Eric Pavlat


It's a pleasant surprise that you read my blog. Thanks for your kind comments as well.

So Blue Dog has replaced Yellow Dog? I am aware that conservative Democrats were called Yellow Dogs back in the 1960's, but I take it they are now referred to as "Blue Dog"? That's cool. I've heard others say the same, just curious if this is a recent phenomenom.

Yes, I understand that Blue designates Democrat, but I wasn't to sure if this is now proper nomenclature to replace the Yellow Dog references.

Keep up the great blogging!

In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,


Wendy said...


A "yellow dog" Dem, historically, is one who'd rather vote for a yellow dog than vote Republican. (It was usually used to describe Southerners, for some reason.)

A "blue dog" is a conservative Dem. There's an interesting article on Wikipedia, if you're interested.


cristmae said...

Kind words help uplift the spirit of lost soul,help to move on and walk in the will of God. Catholic faith

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