Monday, July 14, 2008

Catholic News-Monday Evening (7-14-2008 AD)

CVSTOS FIDEI EVENING EDITION Portrait of a Young Catholic - Rachael Patterson, Sydney Herald The Impending Suicide of a Great Nation - Fr. John Corapi, LfStNws Next Implosion: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - Blck Crdls Aussies Give Pope Kitten to Keep Him Company - Phlppn Dly Inqrr What Does the Pope Do On His Day Off? - Victor Simpson, AP Catholics Pour Into Sydney - ABC The Pope Factor Hits Sydney - Greg Ansley, New Zealand Herald Obama's About Face on Undivided Jerusalem - Rick Moran, AmThnkr An Open Letter to Doug Kmiec from Me - Deal Hudson, Insd Blg Cardinal Pell: No God, No Children - Tito, Custos Fidei Anglicans at Lambeth: What’s at Stake - Jordan Hylden, 1st Thngs Official 2008 World Youth Day Website Bonus Commentary: The Sorry Sport of Pope Bashing - Gerard Henderson, Sydney Herald Notre Dame Alums Behind Catholics for Obama - Deal Hudson, IB Obama's Lack of Catholic Outreach - Jay Anderson, Pro Eclessia Obama Re-invents his Trinity Church History - Ed Lasky, Am Thnkr Liberal Theologians Unleased On Each Other - Sandro Magister, Chs Bonus News: WYD: Transcript of Pope's Press Conference - John Allen, NCRep Kansas Gov. Sebelius eyed for Dem VP - UPI (Biretta Tip: PewSitter)


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