Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Catholic News-Wednesday (7-9-2008 AD)

CVSTOS FIDEI EVENING EDITION Women, Ordination, and Videotape - Jeff Miller, The Curt Jester Down the Memory Hole - Mark Shea, Inside Catholic Another Misapplication of Social Doctrine - Eric Pavlat, Inside Blog Shakespeare Died a Papist - Matthew Archbold, Crtv Mnrty Rprt Saving Iraq's Christians - John Cullinan, National Review Online Religious Freedom Under Siege - Archbishop John Vlazny, Cth Sentinel MSM Omits Other Side of Bible Lawsuit - Matthew Balan, NewsBusters Stork Economics - James Kerian, First Things Imaginary Courage - David Bueche, American Thinker Multiculturalism Run Amok - Stephen Schwartz, Weekly Standard Bonus Commentary: The New Civil Rights Movement - Jennifer R, Morse, Ntnl Cthlc Rgstr Secular Commentary: FNC Actually Dems' Preferred Cable Channel - Mark Koldys, NwsBstrs (Biretta Tips: PewSitter & Lucianne)


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