Monday, July 14, 2008

Cardinal Pell: No God, No Children

His eminence Cardinal Pell came out forcefully with both barrels blazing on the topic of the unusual high rate of teen suicide in Australia. Cardinal Pell attributes a culture that glamorizes hedonism and materialism as the main causes of a desensitized culture. This culture was famously coined by the late Pope John Paul II as the “Culture of Death”.

"Western nations face a population crisis fuelled by "ruthless" commercial forces..." ...

...Western nations were producing too few children as the institutions of marriage and procreation came under attack.

Even as the secular establishment continues to question the relevancy of the Catholic Church with the arrival of Pope Benedict XVI, teen suicide rates continue to rise in Australia at an alarming rate which begs the question of the relevancy of secularism in and of itself which the secular proponents continue to ignore.
The arrival of Pope Benedict XVI has revived questions about the future and relevance of the Catholic Church. Dr Pell, speaking at a press conference to welcome the pontiff and hundreds of thousands of pilgrims to Sydney, warned of a crisis if young people continued to accept views popularized through advertising. "There is a crisis in the Western world," said Dr Pell, the head of the Catholic Church in Australia. "No Western country is producing enough babies to keep the population stable. In many cases there is an increase in divorces, an increase in serial monogamy."
Cardinal Pell continued by identifying two (2) challenges facing Australia, and probably the western and industrializing world.
"One is the Australian temptation to believe that you can have a good, happy life without God," he said. "And the second challenge revolves around the concept of sexuality, marriage and family.” "Ruthless commercial forces are telling young people that this is the way forward, this is the modern way and they remain total silent on the difficulties and damage this does to family life."
Cardinal Pell further added an analysis of the high occurrence of teen suicide.
"It's a danger sign. It's a great paradox," he said. "We have a wonderful society here in Australia, in many ways a lot of justice, and yet we have the third or fourth highest rate of youth male suicide in the world."
What exactly is the remedy to rampant secularism? Cardinal Pell eloquently pronounced that "faith in religion would prevent people taking their own lives".
"The basic Christian response to that is to say that our young people need faith and hope and love, and that we will make the situation worse by irresponsibly encouraging them into promiscuity or drugs or alcohol," Dr Pell said. "That's only a prison. There's no escape if people flee resolutely in that direction."
This could easily fit the profile here in America as well as Europe. The heavy promotion of drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity leave many teens and young adults with emptiness that none of the aforementioned can fill.


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