Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Afternoon Edition

Benedict's Surprising Visit - Michael Kelly, Catholic World Report
Stephen Hawking’s Creation Confusion - William E. Carroll, MercatorNet
George Weigel On The 2nd Part Of JP2 Bio - Michael J. Miller, CWR 
Experts Jump In Messy Theology Of The Body Debate - CNA
Enhancing The Beauty Of The Mass - Msgr. Charles Pope, ArchD. of WA
America’s One-Child Policy - Jonathan V. Last,
Why Healty/Wealthy Nations Don't Reproduce - Ph. Longman, BQO
Rich Boomer Chick Gets Religion - Mark Shea, National Catholic Register 
Is Selflessness In Our Nature? - Sissela Bok, 
Orkney Transalpine Redemptorists Return To Rome - Mark Greaves, CH
A Ratzinger From Four Centuries Ago, In Beijing - Sandro Magister, Chiesa


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