Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Am Back And Some Random Thoughts on John Allen And Halloween For Houston's Young Adult Catholics

Thank you all for your prayers, they are sincerely appreciated.

Just a quick take on the recent AP article about the Catholic blogosphere and the characterization of "conservative" Catholics as Taliban Catholics.

I lay the blame for that epithet squarely on John Allen's shoulders.  He should have known better than to say that, in whatever context he was using it in.

Mr. Allen needs to apologize, not clarify, for his comments.

I see an underlining hostility to anything approaching orthodoxy in the Catholic faith in his writings, which is sad considering how well he writes separating his personal feelings from the subjects he writes about... mostly.

I've just finished viewing some of my friends pics from their Halloween parties and for the most part I am disappointed with a couple of the photos.  Blaspheming priests and nuns are not what it means to be Catholics and wearing scant clothing to raise an eyebrow or two is simply out of the realm of "engaging the secular culture".

Which is why I lead a couple of young adult apostolates to change the culture around me.  Providing safe haven for Catholics that like to have fun without compromising their faith.  I will begin another apostolate which will take this one step further, into the Internet.

Yes, November will provide for more than one new Catholic website to be launched.

It will be a November to Remember.

By the grace of God we will strike back at the Culture of Death and bring a Culture of Life and Love!


c matt said...

I tend to agree with your take on nun/priest costumes that are risque or otherwise inappopriate, but would you see anything wrong with simply dressing up as a priest or nun just because you like priesst and nuns? Just a simple straightforward priest or nun costume (or monk, but Houston is usually too hot for that).

C Matt,

Thank you for continuing the discussion.

Yes, it depends on the context such as you stated, 'I like priests'!

It isn't dogma nor is it discipline as to what is appropriate or not appropriate (explicitly).

It comes down to a level of respect for the vocation and the reverence one holds for said vocation.

But to jump to your next counterpoint, I believe (IMHO) it's OK to dress up as your favorite saint, whether they be a monk, priest, abbess, etc.

It's a very fine line, but it's a matter of respect for me.

So of course, there is wide enough room to disagree as Catholics on what is appropriate and what isn't appropriate.

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