Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Afternoon Edition

Who Is the 'Real' Christian? - Mark Shea, InsideCatholic 
He Leadeth Me And Paul Krugman - John Henry, The American Catholic 
Fake Modern Druids Get Recognized As A Religion - Mark Shea, CAEI
Handwriting’s Importance & Catholic Doctrine - J. Hanson, Cthlc Phoenix
Magisterium Of Nuns Inspires Fake Marriage Proponents - Fr. Z, WDTPRS 
Gays Spend $350,000 To Change Minorities On Marriage - G. Cooney, CCD 
Janet Smith's New Clothes - Steve Kellmeyer, The Fifth Column 
CO Taxpayers Funding Anti-Catholic Bigotry - Lisa Graas, NewsRealBlog 
The "Shortt" Review - Father James V. Schall, The Catholic Thing 
Police Confront Peacefull High School Pro-Lifers - California Cthlc Daily
Brazil: Prez Leader Loses 1st Rd, Abortion Key - Severo/Hoffman, LSN


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