Thursday, September 29, 2005

False Portrayal of 9/11 Hero Priest as "Gay" Blasted -

The blatant attempt by the New York Times to coopt an American hero for their gay agenda is appaling.
WASHINGTON, D.C., September 28, 2005, ( - The old saying "tell a lie often enough and people will begin to believe it" has been reinforced by the events surrounding the hijacking of Fr. Mychal Judge's reputation after his heroics during the September 11 terrorist attacks.



Dennis Lynch's claim that Fr. Mychal Judge was not gay was discredited three years ago. This is an old story. Here's a summary of the facts.

The evidence that Father Mychal Judge was homosexual, though chaste and celibate, is irrefutable.

Dennis Lynch claimed in June, 2002 that Mychal Judge couldn't possibly have been homosexual because he was so saintly a man. Plus Judge had never told Lynch he was gay. That was the extent of Lynch's proof. Lynch charged that gay activists and liberal media had fabricated the story in order to "hijack" Judge's memory to advance a gay agenda.

But soon after Lynch's 2002 article, former FDNY commissioner Tom Von Essen publicly confirmed that Fr. Judge had "come out" to him as gay several years before 9/11, and they had discussed this several times. Von Essen recently reaffirmed this, citing Judge as one reason why the Vatican should not purge good, celibate gay priests.

Then other friends of Judge, including Fr. Brian Carroll and several priests, also confirmed that Mychal had identified himself to them as a gay person. (We're speaking of orientation only; by all accounts he was faithful to his priestly vows).

These are not "homosexual activists" with an "agenda". These are many of Mychal's closest friends bearing witness to a truth he told them about himself.

Then Michael Ford's biography was released in late 2002 ("Father Mychal Judge: An Authentic American Hero": Paulist Press). In it, Judge is quoted many times as acknowledging his orientation. For example, "Look at who we are as gay people at this moment in history, being a gift for the church, being agents of change in both church and society."

It's understandable why Judge didn't come out to the Dennis Lynches of the world, with their visceral reactions and deep prejudices. Mychal picked and chose when and to whom to come out.

But in the end it's clear that Fr. Mychal Judge was selectively, if not generally, open about his gay orientation and self-identity. It's also clear from his biography that he disagreed with Rome on the issue.

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