Tuesday, September 13, 2005

World Youth Day: Conquering the Secular Media

Welcome everyone to my very first posting (of a comment) on my blog. With that said I want to write about the impact that Pope Benedict XVI had in World Youth Day XX. The mainstream German media was downplaying the significance of thousands, if not millions, of young Catholics congregating to celebrate with the Pope the youth of the Church. The German media was proclaiming that these 'youth' were simply there because it was an event and not because of faith. This truly is a fine example of the 'elitism' and 'arrogance' of the secular culture in Europe. They imposed their 'world view' of a 'dieing Church'. What happened at World Youth Day was nothing short of a modern day 'mea culpa'. With pictures of thousands and thousands of youths on their knees praying constantly during all hours of the day, these young Catholics were beamed all over Germany and Europe to show the youth and vibrancy of the Catholic Church. Images of young Catholics standing in long lines waiting for confession brought untold amazement at the energy of Our Faith by German commentators. Us Catholics know better. This is what we do. This is our way of life. We are the fruits of John Paul the Great's efforts in revitalizing the Church and hopefully of turning these Secular Dark Ages in Europe around into a Catholic Renaissance.


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