Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Learning History, Before Repeating It

We as Christians need to understand our heritage. This includes our history. We must remember that Jesus was a Jew and our Faith originated in the Holy Land. Where is the Holy Land you say? It's in the middle east. For almost 350 years since the Ascension of Christ, Christians lived as outcasts of the Roman Empire. Our Faith spread from the Holy Land all throughout the Roman Empire. From Jerusalem to present day Jorday, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, north Africa, and eventually Rome and the rest of Europe. With the legal recognition of Christianity, our Faith enjoyed the freedom to worship our Lord. Christianity blossomed in the Middle East under Pax Romana for the next 250 years, until the birth of Islam. Yes, the Middle East for almost 600 years was predominantly Christian before Islam conquered her through military conquest. Enjoy the article for it explains the root causes of slavery in the Americas and where it came from, from a religious perspective.


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