Saturday, September 17, 2005

Silence from Pulpit on Spiritual, Moral Issues Disturbs L.A. Radio Host - Agape Press

(AgapePress) - The California State Legislature, controlled primarily by liberal Democrats, recently passed AB 849, a measure that would have essentially legalized same-sex "marriage" in America's most populated state. If it were not for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's pledge to veto the bill, homosexual marriage would have become law. Paul McGuire hosts a three-hour drive-time talk show every weekday on radio station KBRT in Southern California. His listening audience extends from the Mexican border to north of Santa Barbara -- and he often uses his program to address social and political issues in the Golden State and to urge listeners to take action by contacting their elected representatives in Sacramento. AB 849 was just such a topic of conversation recently. Speaking to his listeners -- a large majority of whom are Christians -- he said he cannot understand why so many pastors were mute regarding this important bill.


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