Monday, July 2, 2007

Catholic News-Monday, July 2, 2007 A.D.

CVSTOS FIDEI AFTERNOON EDITION Archbishop Niederauer's Dereliction Of Duty - California Catholic Red Chinese Orders Papal Letter Off Catholic Websites - UCAN ..Subdued But Predictable Reaction In China - staff, AsiaNews ..Taiwan: Unaffected By Papal Letter - Jewel Huang, Taipei Times ..Pope Calls For Ecclesial Unity - ZENIT ..Growth Of Catholic Church In China - staff, AsiaNews ..Cardinal Zen On The Papal Letter - Argent, Argent By The Tiber ..Pope Aims To Normalize Relations - David Willey, BBC News Catholics Hope For Latin Mass Revival - McMenamin/Kay, Balt. Sun Buffalo City Reviews Anti-Catholic Resolution - Bill Donohue, C.L. ..Anti-Catholic Bigotry By Buffalo City Council - Bill Donohue, C.L. Vatican Supports Macedonia's EU Entry - staff, Makfax NH Gov Repeals Parental Notification Abortion Law - S. Ertelt, LN Extraordinary FSSP Ordination Pics! - Shawn Tribe, N.L.M. Robin Williams Smears Catholic Church Again - Tim Graham, MRC The Liberal Case Against Assisted Suicide - W. Smith, 2ndhand Smk Liberal Fear Mongering On Motu Proprio - I. Herbert, Independent ...CF Blog Entries: Prayer Request by Tito
Book Review: Guerrilla Apologetics for Catholics by Paul E. Nowak Reviewed by Tito, Recapturing Our Catholic Patrimony (RCP) Shameless Blog Plug Of The Day:
Confessions of a Crazy Schoolmarm by Christina Quote Of The Day: "I regard golf as an exercise in Scottish pointlessness designed for people who aren’t strong enough to throw telephone poles at each other" by Florence King Secular News Item Of The Day: Washington On The Tiber by Suzanne Fields, Washington Times Muslim News Item Of The Day: Islam Must Face Its Uncomfortable Truths by Tanveer Ahmed, The Australian Last Six Catholic News Postings: For June 29 click here.
For June 28 click here. For June 27 click here. For June 26 click here. For June 25 click here. For June 24 click here. (Hat Tips: Catholic Report & Lucianne) Secular Cartoon Of The Day:


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