Saturday, July 28, 2007

Police Make Arrest in Koran Desecrations at Pace University

... it is being called a "hate crime". Let me see, the Bible has been thrown in paper waste bins by professors before where I attended undergraduate school, yet I don't recall the professor being arrested for this "hate crime"? I call this a double standard. Liberals bending to Muslim extremists. Politically correctness tyranny at it's most hypocritical is what I would in the end call this example. Liberals are intolerant to Christians, but will appease Muslims for the sake of political correctness. Even at the cost of making themselves look hypocritical. What next? Foot baths for both men & women Muslims at public universities as well as prayer rooms? Oh yeah, it's been done already. For the Koran desecration article click here. For the foot baths, prayer rooms, and prayer times for Muslims only at public universities article click here.


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