Friday, July 27, 2007

Summer of our Discontent

I figured I ought to get a quick post in here just to assure you all that I am still around and have not left the Catholic blog-world. I have very limited Internet during the summer so this may be my only post for a while, rest assured though that I am following up on as many Catholic blogs as possible whenever I get a chance. Anyway, I just thought I'd toss up some pictures I was able to create with this website. Some caveats though, yes it is a marketing tool via Burger King for the new Simpson movie, and also, be warned the program is fussy, often overloaded, takes a lot of time, and doesn't work all that great, still after much effort I was able to get a pretty cool picture of myself as a Simpson character. That accomplished I said, "why stop there?" Thus I got the ball rolling on seeing how some figures from history would look on the Simpsons, posted here are two of them, anyone care to guess who they are? Simpsons aside, things are going well for me, Deo gracias! Santiago gracias! Look for much more blogging by me, here, in the Fall, and once again, many thanks to Tito and Cvstos Fidei for the opportunity!


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