Friday, December 15, 2006

Advent and Me

During this season of Advent I have began a process of reflection and renewal. I am trying to cleanse myself of many things and this Advent Season is a great opportunity for this. Abstaining from certain foods, daily reflection, daily Mass, and fasting along with prayer and the sacraments certainly are powerful tools in my cleansing process. Your prayers would surely be appreciated. Fortunately I am doing a lot of work throughout Advent and Christmas outside of Houston so my time blogging has been severely limited, though I am not abstaining from blogging, just circumstances prevent me from doing so. Nonetheless I appreciate my avid readers and fellow bloggers for their patience. If you've noticed or not, I have two new blogging teammates on my blog. Matt and Handmaiden. Matt has his own blog but has joined my team. Handmaiden is new to this and she is still learning so be patient with her, she will have excellent postings relating to our Catholic faith. Matt hasn't been blogging at all though we are waiting anxiously for his first posting. God bless. Tito



Glad to hear what you're doing during the Advent season. We'll sure be praying for you as you do all these great things during this season. I admire your willpower to do this.

I am also trying to visit the Blessed Sacrament every day and one of the things I abstained from this year was shopping. Even though I'm not a big shopper, I'm just tired of the Christmas season being just about stressing out and spending time on things that do not help us to prepare in receiving our Lord. Although this year has not been the best for me in preparing for His coming, because of many difficulties, I'm still trying and hope to do so as you are able to.

Many blessings,

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