Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Zapatero Rewrites Spanish Civil War History

The Socialist Spanish government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero wants to rewrite history in order to make Socialists look good. Sounds the same thing over here in the US where liberals want to rewrite history to make themselves look better. Anyways, the Zapatero government wants to wipe out all vestiges of General Franco and glorify the II Spanish Republic. This of course destroyed Catholic churches, raped nuns, and killed priests… en masse!
The last shots of the Spanish Civil War were fired in 1939, but Spain is suddenly fighting the battle all over again. Ordinary Spaniards are unearthing the memory of grandparents slain in the brutal three-year conflict. Current-events shows are dedicating entire programs to the topic. And a bill is winding its way through Parliament seeking to rewrite history by officially reassigning blame in the bloody war. …The Civil War that tore Spain in half, as immortalized in books by Orwell and Hemingway, began with a 1936 military uprising by Gen. Francisco Franco and led to a 40-year right-wing dictatorship. The period was all but relegated to the history books -- until Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero came to power in 2004. Mr. Zapatero, a self-described "red" and pacifist, is pushing a new historical reading of the Spanish Civil War that includes literally rubbing Gen. Franco's name off the map. As part of a proposed new "law of historical memory," Mr. Zapatero wants towns across Spain to erase all vestiges of Franco -- from street names to statues. Hundreds of streets are still named "Generalisimo Franco," or "Avenue of the Caudillo," as he was known. Many towns across Spain still carry Franco in their name, such as Ribadelago de Franco. Mr. Zapatero is now pushing for a law that would place the blame for the Civil War squarely on Gen. Franco and rehabilitate the image of the Second Republic, which he fervently believes should be considered the forerunner of Spain's modern democracy. "We have to recognize the victims of Francoism, because they suffered the fruit of a military dictatorship," Mr. Zapatero said earlier this year.
Mr. Zapatero is the devil in disguise, so to speak. He was voted in acquiescence to Islamic Terrorists demands to withdraw from Iraq, which he promptly did. What he is doing is reopening old wounds and creating a history of lies that will only send Spain further into the abyss of moral relativism and self-destruction. To read the rest of this disturbing article from the Wall Street Journal Op Ed click here. College Catholic has an excellent posting on the Spanish Civil War, click here.
(Hat Tip: The Brussels Journal)


Good post, Spain is proof that the saying "the winners write the history" isn't always true. As for the obituaries, since 1000's of the socialist goverment's victiums were priests and nuns they have no decendants to write their stories. Pray for Spain.

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