Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Katie Couric's Ignorance

In the midst of an otherwise positive story Monday night about the “revival” of religiously-inspired movies, such as The Nativity Story and Facing the Giants, CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric saw a dark side. She pressed Catherine Hardwicke, director of The Nativity Story and Mike Rich, the film's screenwriter: "Do you worry at all that non-believers may feel excluded and diminished at a time when we're so divided about so much?" As if there's a dearth of non-spiritual films for people to see. Has anyone at CBS News ever worried about how the faithful feel “excluded” and “diminished” by multiplexes playing only violent and sexually-explicit films, to say nothing of the many which include scenes ridiculing the faithful or portraying religious figures as criminals?

That last statement was crossing my mind when I heard Katie Couric ask if this was 'divisive'. I guess you only have to be a ACLU card carrying member with a pulse to report the news on CBS.

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(Hat Tip: Brent Baker's Blog on NewsBusters)



Couric is really getting on my nerves. I think being the CBS evening news' anchor has gone to her head. Sadly, the few times I've watched her, she is actually ridiculed by her guests and her questions are just plain... how can I say this nicely... stupid.

As a mother, she should be less worried about religion-inspired films and more about the sexually-explicit and violent movies as the post says. It's sad, but there are so many women and mothers who just try so hard to go with the flow instead of realizing how they need to be the first ones to stand up for moral issues.

Esther said...

This movie appears to be a problem for lots of folks...it's either too religious...or not Catholic enough. And, well, I'd better not post what I think about Katie Couric's opinions.

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