Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bible Banned on British Airline

BMI, a British airline, has told BMI one of their stewardesses that her Bible isn't allowed on flights to Saudi Arabia due to anti-Christian laws in the backwards Islamic country.
The woman, who is understood to be a committed Christian, takes her bible everywhere she goes and is now set to take the airline to an industrial tribunal claiming discrimination on religious grounds. BMI, formerly British Midland Airways, said today it was merely following the Foreign Office advice that no non-Islamic materials or artefacts are allowed into the country. ..."She is saying she wants to carry her bible with her. We are saying we can't start designing rules around individuals when we've got several hundred members of staff. To take every personal preference into account would be impossible." On its web site the Foreign Office says of Saudi Arabia: "The importation and use of narcotics, alcohol, pork products and religious books, apart from the Koran, and artefacts are forbidden." BMI said it offered the stewardess the opportunity to transfer from long-haul duties to short-haul, but she refused.
'We can't start designing rules around individuals when we've got several hundred members of staff.'... what kind of double talk is this? This is clearly religious discrimination from a sovereign nation in the middle east. Saudi Arabia is a backwards Islamic nation that adheres to a faith stuck in the 8th century. A fine example (of their backwardness) of this stalwart ally of the U.S. is that just in 1975 did this nation abolish slavery! So Rosa Parks should have gotten on another bus route to accommodate the bigots of the day. To read more about this ridiculous double standard towards non-Muslims click here. To read a similar case from British Airways that suspended a stewardess for wearing a cross click here.


Anonymous said...

No where in the christian faith does it say one has to carry a bible at all times, grow up, yes the saudis are backwards, but it is their country, leave the bible at home and quit whining, jesus would understand.

Tito said...

Nowhere in my post did I say that a Christian have to carry a Bible at all times.

Matt said...

I wonder whether BMI is being consistent in its application of Sharia. Airliners always have booze on board.

Do BMI flights to Saudi Arabia?

skeetor said...

how about if some muslim converts to christianity before take off, is there a butcher knife ready for the decapitation?

Anonymous said...

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Tito said...


After reading that distorted website, you should take a gander at this website where the Truth is absolute:

There is only one Son of God, and Jesus is His name.


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