Saturday, June 7, 2008

Adam Sandler's Zohan of Hate

I just finished viewing Adam Sandler's latest comedy, 'You Don't Mess With The Zohan'. Where an Israeli super agent, Zohan, leaves the service of his country to pursue his dream of being a hairstylist in New York city. I was expecting the subtle homosexual agenda that his recent films have pushed but there wasn't any obvious promotion of it in this film. It was a pretty funny film, although it could have done without the heavy sexual innuendo and nudity, but that's what I expected of an Adam Sandler film. The film entertained with Mr. Sandler's off the wall comedy while delicately dancing around the minefield of Middle East politics. The always funny Rob Schneider plays a hard working Palestinian New York city cab driver only to accidentally discover that Israel's super agent is a hair stylist in one of New York's newly famous hair salon--no thanks to Zohan himself. After this discovery the film rolls through all the funny caricatures you can extricate from middle-eastern stereotypes. It was equally offensive all the way around. It ends with a happy note of course. Two scenes from the film stick out that clearly were over the line and subtly offensive enough to point out, which is an understatement. The first of the lesser of two evils was the denigration of McCain and Obama's wives with repugnant sexual innuendo and of course throw in Chelsea and Hilary while you're at it. Say what you will about their politics, but that was clearly offensive and over the line. I do understand what Adam Sandler was aiming for, but this one was a bit too much and very unnecessary. The Second and the most offensive of the two scenes was the films villain element that would bring the two communities of Israeli and Palestinian New Yorkers together, Rednecks and Mel Gibson. The cheap Mel Gibson jokes were well enough within bounds, but painting roughly 20% of Americans by playing up an old stereotype of southerners driving around with gun racks and the stars and bars blazoned on their pickups was pretty mean-spirited. Adam Sandler ingeniously painted a large chunk of conservatives and Republicans with a wide enough brush to create as his villains. Maybe I'm a little sensitive, maybe Mr. Sandler went a bit over the line. Though he could have chosen some other obscure group to act as the villain in his film, I don't know, maybe skinheads? Probably the comedic appeal of Rednecks was too much for Mr. Sandler to resist poking fun at. During the film I noticed a couple of people leaving the movie theater, which was a bit surprising, but I thought about it and I realized that even I had been desensitized by the film itself on it's portrayal of 'red' America. In the end it's only a movie. A movie I had a difficult time resisting to watch because I'm a big Happy Gilmore fan and I was hoping to see that Mr. Sandler would have hit my funny bone once again. I know one thing for sure, I just watched my very last Adam Sandler film. UPDATED: I was pretty hard on Mr. Sandler and I may still watch some of his films that don't promote anti-Americanism and are counter to Christian values. But I won't retreat from calling him out when he does his "social" agenda films again. I'm sure he is a good guy, but his films are overtly anti-American and promote the homosexual agenda of sexual license which we as Americans don't need or want.


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