Sunday, June 1, 2008

Catholic News-Sunday, June 1, 2008 A.D.

CVSTOS FIDEI EVENING EDITION Writing to the CDWDS & Remaining Anonymous - Fr. Z, WDTPRS? Police: Muslim Area Gospel Free Zone - Damian Thompson, Hly Smk Pope avoids Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - Malcom Moore, Tlgrph Jindal the "Christian Right" & the "Catholic Issue" - Austin Hill, Th Women Cannot be Priests is Infallible - Christopher Zehnder, CCC Pews You Can Lose - Mark Steyn, The Corner Made by God to believe... - Fr. Philip Powell, Domine First Friday Devotion Comics - Eric Pavlat, The Inside Blog Variety Hates Religious Theme of Movie - Warner Huston, NwsBstrs Video Commentary: Fr. Neuhaus: Do People Change After Marriage - Jean Heimann, CF Religious Commentary: UK Muslim Mother who defied Islamists Gunned Down - Observer Bonus News: The Curt Jester blog back online - Jeff Miller, The Curt Jester Bonus Obama & Church Commentary: Stupid Is As Stupid Does: Obama - Patrick Archbold, Crtv Mnrty Rprt Decision to Leave Church 'Not Political' - Mark Finkelstein, NwsBstrs Obama Finally Quits his church - About Time? - Rick Moran, AT Reuters Gives Another Christ-like Obama Photo - Warner Huston, NB Obama's Double-Talk on Leaving Church - Jennifer Rubin, Cntntns Obama's Character Shines Through - Tito, Custos Fidei Father Pfleger Bashed Clintons...Again - Jake Tapper, Pltcl Pnch (Biretta Tip: Lucianne)


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