Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Blogging Exhaustion

I have been having a wonderful time at my new job these last two months and I have been working with gusto during my initial project. Only now am I recuperating from the long hours so my blogging has suffered. I am truly amazed at many of my peers in the Catholic blogosphere that seem to be able to blog each and every day while having a family and keeping down a job such as Jay and Paul. I am simply amazed and in awe at how these guys and many others are able to juggle their responsibilities and still blog. I will continue to blog, especially posting my favorite stories of the day in addition to my occasional original posting. My idea for my blog is evolving each and every day but it will still have the same theme to it, an apostolate of news and commentary. For example I want a similar feel such as RealClearPolitics and a similar scope such as American Thinker. The Creative Minority Report, Pro Ecclesia, and Inside Catholic come close to what I am attempting to achieve in scope but with postings of my favorite stories that PewSitter is doing. This is a lot that I want to accomplish with my simple blog. I will be updating or changing my background, possibly to a type of blue. If you are curious as to what all that Latin is that I'm using as my background, it is a section of Trajan’s column commemorating him. In addition, I am looking for someone to join my blog. I would like someone who is witty, but yet charitable, in Catholic commentary on the secular or Catholic (or both) worlds. Anyone interested can contact me at "tito"."benedictus"at"gmail"."com" and recommendations are also appreciated. God bless you all.


Well, I've been risking exhaustion from the blogging I've been doing. Would that it paid as well as real work.

Don't feel like you have to compete with anyone. Your blog is your expression of yourself and your interests, and it should, first and foremost, please you.

That so many of us enjoy it as well is just gravy.

skeetor said...

Well I'd like to thank you for all your hard work Tito. You, as well as a few others on my bloglist, make me a more well informed person. Your efforts are much appreciated, keep up the good work!

Genevieve said...

Yes--excellent job--hang in there.

Thanks everybody. I really enjoy blogging so I don't plan to stop. Just need to take a break that ends today.

Adrienne said...

You are doing a wonderful job with this blog. I'm hosting the Catholic Carnival on July 8th. It would be nice if you submitted one of your posts.

Check it out

(although I suspect a smart feller like you knows all about it)

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