Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Catholic News-Tuesday Evening (6-24-2008 AD)

CVSTOS FIDEI EVENING EDITION I Want Mass to Have Top-10 Music - Matthew Archbold, Crtv Min Rep Quebec Awakes - John Burger, National Catholic Register Bobby Jindal's Choice - Thomas Lifson, American Thinker Morality -- Trotskyite vs. Christian - Pat Buchanan, Townhall No One Sees God - Michael Novak, First Things Abortionist Testified Live-Born Baby Stabbed to Death - LfStNws The Virgins That Await Suicide Bombers - Simple Sinner, Blck Crdls Does Money Make you Happy? - Arthur Brooks, CSMonitor Clock Ticking as Church Calls SSPX's Bluff - Tom Heneghan, FthWrld The Holy See's 5 Conditions for the SSPX - Fr. Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS Bonus Commentary: Michelangelo: Anti-Catholic Kabhallist - Matthew Archbold, CMR Battle Over a Single Word - Daniel Kuebler, National Catholic Register Bonus Apologetics: Jesus Didn't Found the Church - Fr. Thomas Williams, NCRegister How Do Catholics Get to Heaven? - BFHU, The Black Cordelias Bonus News: Homosexuals to Protest World Youth Day - Joel Gibson, Sydny Hrld Secular Commentary: Th. Sowell: Why Imitate Failed Euro Economics - B. Saint-Paul, TIB (Biretta Tip: RealClearPolitics)


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